Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Boxing day: the aftermath...

Woohoo..2 days of shopping and I feel like I'm bankrupt. No more shopping for me..but then why am I still thinking about that pink Nike shoes? Ok I admit maybe it's because it's going for only 10 pounds. Would pink look good on me? hahaha..On the down side, Yatie told me Nike is a jewish owned corporation. Is it true? Should we just stop buying from nike and countless other brands listed in Yatie's blog? If then, it's done in the name of religion, would I get any pahala? Or should I just ignore it all? How about the things I've already bought? If I continue buying, does this mean I'm funding the oppression of Palestinians, even though I sympathised with them? Why are jews successful people in the business world? Why are all those brands created by jews? What do they mean when they say it's 'yahudi punye' ? Is it because the founder is jew? Or is it because the shareholders are mainly jews and the profit they got is send back to Israel to help the country get rid of palestinians? Hey..is any of this true anyway?
hahaha sorry if you found my questions offensive. I just like to argue when people said something about boycotting products. Hell, I just like to argue for the sake of arguing..hahahhaha..

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