Monday, December 13, 2004

I cooked!

Woohoo!! Today marked the first culinary achievement in my life. I cooked a proper meal alone! hahahah I can't believe I managed to do that. Hey if you think this is not a great achievement in my part, think again. My usual method of cooking is dumping frozen food into the it ready-made meals, garlic bread, pies, heh I even microwaved hash browns and burgers (it's way healthier :P oil-soaked,deep-fried burger which is bad for your arteries..haha). Plus, I've never cooked anything (aside from the microwavable food,maggi..) in my life before coming here. Yes, I've never even fried anything..never..not even a single egg..hahaha...See? That's why today is one of the milestone in mylife..hahah..

What did I cook? Just a simple sambal tumis ayam. I wanted to cook asam pedas ayam but I don't have any turmeric with sambal tumis it is..

No veggies? Of course! For those of you who still don't know, I hate vegetables ok..except for a few. Ask Yat and Basyar..haha..They have to put up with eating carrots and celery for the past couple of months because I don't eat any other cheap vegetables i.e broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower,tomatoes etc..haha..Spinach,kangkung and kailan are a few other vegetables that I tolerate. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive here except for spinach, I think. So my source of vitamins nowadays are fruits. Apples, oranges and sometimes grapes. Heh I think I have to take multivitamin supplements to counter my lack of vitamins and other nutrients..hahah..

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aalifah said...

lion memasak?itu sgt magic!hahaha