Saturday, December 04, 2004

Malam Bakti

Tonight I watched a play titled 'Darling Mr. London' put up by LSESU Malaysian Club. Fantastic play and a job well done especially to the actresses because most of them had to come up with different accents (french,italian,german..) . The play was so hilarious that I was laughing non-stop through out the whole nite. Basically it's about a guy named Edward who works as a phone operator. In his spare time he chatted with foreign operators(ladies of course :p) and had several affairs with them. Trouble started brewing for him when his company decided to organize a Miss Europhone contest..And all the girls he was having affairs with decided to come to London in search for him...There's the seductress Monique@Miss Paris(makes great omelet..menage a trois..haha..Played by my econs classmate..Just realized that..), Sylvanna something@Miss Rome(wants lots of brotherzz will kill you...), Ingrid@Miss West Berlin(rollerskating..night games..) and all of them wanted to continue the affairs in real life. My oh my what big trouble is Mr London in..hahahah...It was an enjoyable nite. Even got some a free song from drunken athletes(AU barrel...Where athletes drink themselves to death. Some guys managed to barge in during the first half of the show. Luckily they were fully clothed. Unlike some unlucky seniors who managed to get a free show during their lecture.haha)..Met other people from London unis..C from IC..Long time schoolmate of mine. Oh surprisingly I met AZ after the end of the show. He did say he was coming to London but I didn't realized he would be there at the play.
I'm sleeping over at Holborn tonight. B's room. Ate one large pizza and one garlic bread with B and A. Ergh these management people. How could they turn off the heater at 12 midnite? It's freezing!!!
I also managed to finish D's book, A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Not that great. But still worth reading. It's a bit like a collection of short stories in the life of Jane Rosenal(but there were a few chapters on other people).All the stories revolve around relationships. The part I liked most was when her father was dying. Made me think about my dad for a while. How much he had given me all this while and I've never really said thank you.(My family's not that big on expressing feelings I guess..Even on hari raya/eid, we just shake hands saying selamat hari raya. And even that was done to get duit raya..hahahha)
Oh well, I guess this is long enough. Till revoir

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