Friday, December 10, 2004

winter hols!

Yeay! Winter hols is finally here. I can't believe it. Hmm now what should I do? I have a week free before going to Paris..Yes, I'm going to PARIS!! I can't wait to see Disneyland..hahah That's actually the main reason I'm going to Paris ok..not because of Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa or whatever..but DISNEYLAND! Blame it on playing too much rollercoaster tycoon in college..hahah..I've been eager to go to a proper theme park since then..(Berjaya's Cosmoworld is not a proper theme park ok..there's only 1 rollercoaster)...

Ohh talking about Disneyland..I remembered I haven't bought the tickets yet! Heh that means I have to check out the Disney store on Oxford Street to see whether it's true we can buy tickets there. And I haven't changed my money to Euro yet. And I haven't bought a phone yet..Hmm looks like I've got a lot of things to do..heheh..

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Tido Alchemist said...

beli jgn tak beli, kitorang dah kene hina dah sbb tader fon..hahhaha..tgok blog yatie a