Sunday, December 05, 2004

window shopping

Window shopping on Oxford Street today..So many things I wished I could buy if not for the lack of money(don't believe what other people say about PNB's scholars..we're not that rich you know..).There was this gorgeous baby blue coat at niketown..but it was 65 if only I hadn't bought the white coat..hahah..

A funny incident happened tonite..I realised I'd left my toothbrush at B's place..It's cold and it's like a 30-minute walk to get it's already dark by the time I realised it..Thank goodness TI was going out with AZ. So I asked him to stop by Holborn. And he did! Yeay! Got my toothbrush back..The prospect of not brushing my teeth till Monday scares me a bit..(although I know some people who doesn't mind not brushing their teeth for several days..OBS anyone?..haha..K, guys know who you are :p )

My friend C has got a phone. Nokia 6260 to be exact. The one with the rotating top. Hmm..when would I be getting my own phone? I don't know which one to choose!!

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