Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Finally..22.3 is here...I like Butterfly haha..

Prison Break continues...

Please ignore this entry..hahah..

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ish..what the hell is an uncertainty matrix? I don't understand a thing +_+

Yeay! One more week to go before the holidays! 2 more weeks to go before 22.3! 3 more weeks before Austria! And oh how many weeks actually before Alton Towers?

Since I don't have any idea for another survey, anyone interested in a random clip? This is not as interesting as the last one though..but the music is better. And some of you might actually recognise someone in this hahah..Oh hmm maybe I could put that up as a survey question..

Do you recognise anyone in this clip?

*I'm addicted to Sayaendou..and the song's about peas hahaha*

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Not about any exam results k.. this is about the previous survey I did [refer to previous post la]

Haha nothing surprising about the result. Obviously most of you think they were gay [around 80%]. My opinion? They were doing what I'd call 'fanservice'. From what I've read around, apparently this is not an unusual thing. Especially in Japan. This means my answer would probably be no.2 [but I did not vote in that poll ok :P].
They are entertainers and that's what they do. They entertain the audience, and if the audience like to see that kind of act, they'll put it up for show.

Kasihan uchi hahahhaha....