Wednesday, July 27, 2005


By Kamenashi Kazuya[copyrighted to him/his record label?Certainly not mine]

Saki no koto dore hodo ni kan gaete itemo
hontou no koto nante dare ni mo mienai
ku-haku kokoro ni nanika ga tsumatte
ayamachi bakari kuri kaeshiteta

ippo zutsu de iisa kono te wo hanasazuni
tomo ni ayunda kimi ga iki tsuzuketeru kara
boroboro ni narumade hikisakarete itemo
ano toki no ano basho kienai kono kizuna

nagare yuku toki no naka ushina wanu youni
su re chigai butsu katta hontou no kimochi
kokoro ni shimiteku aitsu no omoi ni
deaeta koto ga motometa kiseki

tachi domaru koto sae dekinai kurushisa no
naka ni mieta hikari tsunagatte iru kara
usotsui tatte iisa namida nagashite iikara
ano toki no ano basho kienai kono kizuna

ippo zutsu de iisa kono te wo hanasazuni
tomo ni ayunda kimi ga iki tsuzuketeru kara
boroboro ni narumade hikisakarete itemo
ano toki no ano basho kienai kono kizuna

-Dunno what it means. I just like this song. Does anyone knows what it means? I'd like to put the song up, but the one mp3 I have contains lots of screaming fans. I don't think other people would like to hear that ;P

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What ghost?

Thanks to Rima, I can now watch Gokusen 2.. Alifah jangan jeles ye!

One ghost story I'd tell all of you guys to miss is The Ghost Inside. Not scary. Pretty slow. Even the ghost is not scary at all. Oh ok this might be due to my 'high tolerance' for ghost stories ;P . Heck, the subtitles are scarier. I can't imagine what level of malay language did the translator have. Same goes for Gokusen 2. My malay might not be up to sastera standard, but I do know that the phrase 'leave it to me' does not mean 'hantar kepada saya'. I feel like whacking him/her in the head. Aih..even the fansubbers who did the translation jobs for free pay more attention to their language than these paid workers. Hish maybe I should spend my summer working part-time as translators for movies? Anybody know where I can sign up?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ringgit unpegged

As of Thursday, Bank Negara has decided to remove the ringgit peg to US dollar after China decided to do so. Some say it's a timely move which should have been done a long time ago[reason:RM is undervalued]. For me, it's good news and bad news rolled into one. Although value of RM would probably remain at the present level in the short term, it'll probably rise in the long term. Good news - sterling would be cheaper to buy. Bad news - converting sterling to RM would give less RM than before. Probably those with sterlings are rushing to convert them to RM now before the rate falls further. I know one lady did. My mom saw her exchanging lots of sterling the other day. Good move? Probably. If what they say about RM being undervalued is true. But then, reading today's paper showed that RM actually fell against sterling? haha..Looks like we have to wait and see. To Asma' - RM rose against Euro. So what are you going to do?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Request granted ;P update already..nice of me to grant Dilla's request ;P

It's been quite a while since I wrote about what I was watching/reading. Did a movie marathon yesterday with Baby. Managed to catch Fantastic 4 [not bad] and Amityville Horror[boring..was yawning thru out the movie. Baby too..]. Watched Initial D last week with the usual people..I like the racing scenes. Found it a bit strange to see Japanese names written in the subtitles when the names spoken is totally different. Takumi -> Ah hoi? or something like that hahah..And the credits were also very detailed. They named every character on the screen I think. Eventhough their names were never mentioned at all during the movie. So rajin..

Been on a Japanese drama-watching binge for the last few days. Gokusen was fun. A bit like GTO, only this time it's a female teacher, Yamaguchi Kumiko @ Yankumi. Some[or is it a lot?] corny jokes. Very fake fighting scenes, especially when it's Yankumi who was doing the fighting. The fact that Sawada Shin is cute helped a lot ;P . Now watching Kimi wa Petto, promoted by Alifah. Very cute story hahah.

Finally got my hands on Garth Nix's Old Kingdom trilogy - Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen. Even read Creature in the Case, the sequel. Riveting read. Kept me awake til morning [though for those who know me, it's not something strange :P]. I like the fact that magic and technology could exist in one world, albeit magic only works well in the Old Kingdom. I think he managed to describe a teenager's feeling quite accurately. All those emotions muddling up the thought process..the search to find a place to belong in the world..

Then there was Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Intriguing read. It's like a story within a story within a story... There were 6 stories, connected to each other. It progressed from the past[19th century] to the future. Each story was cut abruptly when it was getting interesting, until the final one, where it then continued with the one before it. Amazing how the author managed to create different atmosphere for each chapter. Found the final chapter the hardest to read. Might be caused by the strange way the dialogues were written...

Uh hmm time to continue watching Kimi wa petto ;P

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Steamy shows?

NST today carried an article about censorship of steamy shows on Astro. I can't find the article on the online version of NST but The Star did carry one online. It's here. But the quote I wanted to highlight is not there. So you have to go and read the hard copy version of NST.

What's so interesting? I'm sure most people already know that our country does have some ridiculous laws on censorship, which make watching a movie here soo interesting. But this one annoys me because the minister categorised The Amazing Race under steamy shows. Wahaha makes me wonder what kind of shows he watched everyday. Other shows mentioned are Fear Factor (ok this one does sometimes have very scantily clad participants but not always..), and The Apprentice (but I thought this one's already being aired on national TV??) Aih..very strange. I do wonder on what basis his statement was made. Maybe because the participants always wear 'sexy' clothing?

Censorship..makes me thankful for p2p programs ;P

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London in chaos

Whew..I'm back in Malaysia. The first thing that anyone coming back from UK would notice would be the temperature. It's so hot and humid. Somehow I think sweat evaporates quicker in London :P

Uh I'm actually writing this after I read the news about blasts at major tube stations this morning in London. The whole underground, or more fondly known as the tube system, was shut down. King's Cross, Edgware Road and Russel Square were among the stations affected by the blasts. Speculations ran from power failure, trains colliding and of course, the eternal favourite of terrorist attack. BBC reported there were several fatalities. How many? It still hasn't been confirmed. Scotland Yard also confirmed one bus were blown up. I just can't imagine being stuck in London when all major public transportations were shut down. Luckily, I'm safe and sound here in KL. I guess this would mean a bit of an extra revenue for cab drivers?
I just hope that this would not result in more strict procedures when I'm returning to the UK at the end of September.

All this happened after London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, beating France in the final round of voting. Hmm would London still win the bid if these incidents happen before the voting process?