Thursday, July 07, 2005

London in chaos

Whew..I'm back in Malaysia. The first thing that anyone coming back from UK would notice would be the temperature. It's so hot and humid. Somehow I think sweat evaporates quicker in London :P

Uh I'm actually writing this after I read the news about blasts at major tube stations this morning in London. The whole underground, or more fondly known as the tube system, was shut down. King's Cross, Edgware Road and Russel Square were among the stations affected by the blasts. Speculations ran from power failure, trains colliding and of course, the eternal favourite of terrorist attack. BBC reported there were several fatalities. How many? It still hasn't been confirmed. Scotland Yard also confirmed one bus were blown up. I just can't imagine being stuck in London when all major public transportations were shut down. Luckily, I'm safe and sound here in KL. I guess this would mean a bit of an extra revenue for cab drivers?
I just hope that this would not result in more strict procedures when I'm returning to the UK at the end of September.

All this happened after London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, beating France in the final round of voting. Hmm would London still win the bid if these incidents happen before the voting process?

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