Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What ghost?

Thanks to Rima, I can now watch Gokusen 2.. Alifah jangan jeles ye!

One ghost story I'd tell all of you guys to miss is The Ghost Inside. Not scary. Pretty slow. Even the ghost is not scary at all. Oh ok this might be due to my 'high tolerance' for ghost stories ;P . Heck, the subtitles are scarier. I can't imagine what level of malay language did the translator have. Same goes for Gokusen 2. My malay might not be up to sastera standard, but I do know that the phrase 'leave it to me' does not mean 'hantar kepada saya'. I feel like whacking him/her in the head. Aih..even the fansubbers who did the translation jobs for free pay more attention to their language than these paid workers. Hish maybe I should spend my summer working part-time as translators for movies? Anybody know where I can sign up?

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