Saturday, July 09, 2005

Steamy shows?

NST today carried an article about censorship of steamy shows on Astro. I can't find the article on the online version of NST but The Star did carry one online. It's here. But the quote I wanted to highlight is not there. So you have to go and read the hard copy version of NST.

What's so interesting? I'm sure most people already know that our country does have some ridiculous laws on censorship, which make watching a movie here soo interesting. But this one annoys me because the minister categorised The Amazing Race under steamy shows. Wahaha makes me wonder what kind of shows he watched everyday. Other shows mentioned are Fear Factor (ok this one does sometimes have very scantily clad participants but not always..), and The Apprentice (but I thought this one's already being aired on national TV??) Aih..very strange. I do wonder on what basis his statement was made. Maybe because the participants always wear 'sexy' clothing?

Censorship..makes me thankful for p2p programs ;P

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