Thursday, April 28, 2005


I'm well on my way to recovery. A week of doing nothing except sleeping my head off after eating the medication would do that I guess. Thanks for the get well messages. Hmm sape tau camne nak ilangkan parut2 yang ade nih?

Argh I need motivation!! Somebody please tell me that I should be studying. Exams would start in less than a month!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

official diagnosis(sp?)

Ok, I've been officially diagnosed as having rubella. Apekah? Soo strange. I thought I had been vaccinated during my primary schooldays? There's no medication prescribed. I've only been told to rest at home for 5 days. Luckily enough it's still the holidays so I don't have to miss any classes. Now how am I supposed to do my assignments? Haha...

sick again..

Aargh i've caught something else now. There's red rashes all over my body. Even the doctor's not sure what's the cause. As a result, I can't sleep very well because it itches so much. What's more troubling is the rashes have crept up to my face. And even my scalp. Damn. I certainly don't know what to do..

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Is this me?

Likable, if a bit angst-ridden. You're nice to everyone around you, even if it is only so that they'll like you back since you can't deal with your own weaknesses.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spain 3-7 April 2005...

What a wonderful time we had in Spain. I admit that it was a bit stressful at times, especially when making sure everyone was on time to catch the train..but all in all, I really enjoyed myself there. Especially at Universal Studios Mediterranea: Port Aventura.

We didn't have much time to explore Barcelona. So, only a few places were visited such as the famous (and incomplete) Sagrada Famillia, a very hideous (only I thought it was ugly, it reminds me of some alien's nest..) and gigantic church built by Barcelona's famous architect, Gaudi. Only Acad&Aimi decided to waste their energy and money climbing the towers. Other people spent their time shopping for souvenirs in front of the building.

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Sagrada Famillia or the sacred family

We visited several other Gaudi's building where some of it looks like a candy house in children's fairy tales books.

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One of Gaudi's fairy tale-like building..

There's also Mirador de Colom, a monument built in appreciation of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America. At the top of the tower, you can see a magnificent view of Barcelona, but unfortunately for us, it was already closed when we arrived there.

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What would a trip to Barcelona mean if we didn't sample some Spanish dishes? We had our lunch by the beach, under the sun's strong glare at noon. Silly of us. Now you know why we came back with a tan :P. We didn't get to eat tapas tho..

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Paella yang sangat laa masin sekali..dibelanje oleh aimi ngn acad sbb jadi photographer diorang..hahah

An old town, it was once called Imperial Taragon as it was the capital of Roman empire (that's what the pakcik on the train said anyway). But that's not the main reason we went there. It's for a visit to Port Aventura, the only Universal Studios in Europe. The rides was marvellous, especially the rollercoasters. Stampida was the best!

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Mimi, Baby & I in front of one of the shops..

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Dragon Khan with its 8 loops looked terrifying enough, but we survived the ride.

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Ini rollercoaster kanak2 sebenanrnye..hahaha..

Then there's Tutuki Splash, where we certainly got wet. Some 'clever' people used raincoats sold outside the ride. Tak thrill la camtu..hahah..

By the way, Arfa and I also managed to do some shopping at the market in front of our hotel. We bought a sling bag each, one blue and one black. Heh my old bag decided to fall apart on its own during the first day in Barcelona.

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Notice the same pattern but different colours?


Dah tukar gambar dah.

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Friday, April 08, 2005


Back in Bankside! Who would have thought that I would return with a tan after only 5 days in Spain? And it wasn't only me. I think everyone got suntanned (burnt in some cases). Nobody thought of bringing sunblock. Plus, we had our lunch directly under the sun at noon!
Really had a great time in Barcelona and Tarragona. Love their weather, but not their food. It tends to be a tad too salty for our taste. Maybe we have been exposed to bland english food for too long. Hahah..
POrt Aventura was awesome. I rode all the rollercoasters more than once. In fact, we rode the Dragon Khan thrice in a row, just to pose for pictures. This coaster was supposed to be scary with 8 loops in total, but seeing that we could ride it three times in a row, it couldn't have been that scary...
More updates later when I've uploaded all the photos.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Off to Barcelona, Spain today on the 2.30 pm flight. Will be back on 7 April. Hope they don't close all the shops as signs of mourning for the dead pope.


Galway, a place with beautiful scenery and nice food (coz Dilla's a great cook!)
Visited lots of beautiful places. We even followed a guided tour bus to get to several places in Galway. Climbed to the top of a cliff, entered a limestone cave and had a picnic by the seaside. One thing the tour made me realised that Ireland is one rocky island. Heh somebody even said "Datang Ireland tengok batu je la.."
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nice seaside view..

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cliffs of moher, very beautiful tp gayat...

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cliff lagi

Friday, April 01, 2005


Or more commonly known as Cork in English. This city claims to be Europe's capital of culture. Why and how they claim it I don't exactly know. You have to ask the people of Cork I guess. Cork is surrounded by hills. By that I mean most of the residential areas are on hills, but the city itself is on relatively flat ground. That meant we had to walk uphill from the city centre to get to Asma',Nadia and Husna's house.

We spent only 2 nights at Cork, and since our visit coincided with the Easter holidays, not a lot of shops were open. Luckily, the Blarney Castle was open to the public all year round. So, I had the chance to visit the castle with its famous Blarney Stone. Legend has it that a witch gave the stone to the lord of the castle. And if you kiss the stone, you'll gain the gift of eloquence. The stone is situated at the top of the castle and to get there, you have to climb a spiral staircase. The staircase was narrow and quite steep. Not suitable at all for claustrophobic and altophobic people. The view from the top of the castle, however, made the climb worthwhile. If you're wondering, I didn't kiss the stone. First, it would be a 'khurafat' (I think that's the word..too lazy to explain, plus my religious knowledge is not that good) Second, you have to actually lie down on your back before you can kiss the stone and there would be a guy helping you into position. Who would want to do that? Third, I can't differentiate the stone from the normal stone surrounding it. Sure, it's a bit shiny and smooth, but then it could be because there were several thousands,even millions of people who have kissed the stone and in that process, eroding the surface of the stone, making it smooth.
Around the castle, there were also some druidic ruins such as a druid's cave, a sacrificial altar and a witch's kitchen. There was also a set of wishing steps where if you make a wish before climbing the step, it would come true. Heh, if things were that easy, I would have been a millionaire by now :P

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the famous Blarney Castle..

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would my wish come true? hmmm..