Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spain 3-7 April 2005...

What a wonderful time we had in Spain. I admit that it was a bit stressful at times, especially when making sure everyone was on time to catch the train..but all in all, I really enjoyed myself there. Especially at Universal Studios Mediterranea: Port Aventura.

We didn't have much time to explore Barcelona. So, only a few places were visited such as the famous (and incomplete) Sagrada Famillia, a very hideous (only I thought it was ugly, it reminds me of some alien's nest..) and gigantic church built by Barcelona's famous architect, Gaudi. Only Acad&Aimi decided to waste their energy and money climbing the towers. Other people spent their time shopping for souvenirs in front of the building.

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Sagrada Famillia or the sacred family

We visited several other Gaudi's building where some of it looks like a candy house in children's fairy tales books.

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One of Gaudi's fairy tale-like building..

There's also Mirador de Colom, a monument built in appreciation of Christopher Columbus' discovery of America. At the top of the tower, you can see a magnificent view of Barcelona, but unfortunately for us, it was already closed when we arrived there.

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What would a trip to Barcelona mean if we didn't sample some Spanish dishes? We had our lunch by the beach, under the sun's strong glare at noon. Silly of us. Now you know why we came back with a tan :P. We didn't get to eat tapas tho..

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Paella yang sangat laa masin sekali..dibelanje oleh aimi ngn acad sbb jadi photographer diorang..hahah

An old town, it was once called Imperial Taragon as it was the capital of Roman empire (that's what the pakcik on the train said anyway). But that's not the main reason we went there. It's for a visit to Port Aventura, the only Universal Studios in Europe. The rides was marvellous, especially the rollercoasters. Stampida was the best!

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Mimi, Baby & I in front of one of the shops..

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Dragon Khan with its 8 loops looked terrifying enough, but we survived the ride.

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Ini rollercoaster kanak2 sebenanrnye..hahaha..

Then there's Tutuki Splash, where we certainly got wet. Some 'clever' people used raincoats sold outside the ride. Tak thrill la camtu..hahah..

By the way, Arfa and I also managed to do some shopping at the market in front of our hotel. We bought a sling bag each, one blue and one black. Heh my old bag decided to fall apart on its own during the first day in Barcelona.

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Notice the same pattern but different colours?

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