Friday, April 08, 2005


Back in Bankside! Who would have thought that I would return with a tan after only 5 days in Spain? And it wasn't only me. I think everyone got suntanned (burnt in some cases). Nobody thought of bringing sunblock. Plus, we had our lunch directly under the sun at noon!
Really had a great time in Barcelona and Tarragona. Love their weather, but not their food. It tends to be a tad too salty for our taste. Maybe we have been exposed to bland english food for too long. Hahah..
POrt Aventura was awesome. I rode all the rollercoasters more than once. In fact, we rode the Dragon Khan thrice in a row, just to pose for pictures. This coaster was supposed to be scary with 8 loops in total, but seeing that we could ride it three times in a row, it couldn't have been that scary...
More updates later when I've uploaded all the photos.

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