Sunday, June 26, 2005

finally updated

Sorry for the lack of updates. My laptop crashed and now I have to rely on the school's comp lab to do my surfing. Haih no more downloading movies for me. Luckily I'll be back in Malaysia this thursday. Can't wait to go home. Miss all the food. Not the weather tho because London itself was very hot this past couple of days. Even Paris was hot. And most of the places here and there lack air conditioning!!!

Eh why Paris again? Because my parents and my youngest bro came for a week's holiday here. So it's a must to visit Disneyland! Now I got the chance to ride all the rollercoasters that I missed last time. Space Mountain 2 and Rock n' Rollercoaster were really cool. (but of course, they cannot beat all the coasters in Universal Mediterranea ;p). The weather was very hot, it's like I was back in Malaysia. Thank goodness they have air conditioning in most of the shops and restaurants. Bile panas je masok kedai la jawabnye heheh...And as a result of the hot weather, there was a storm on the last day we were in Paris, which caused a power failure. We were stuck in the Eurostar train for almost 2 hours! But as a compensation, they offered us all a free single journey or a half price return ticket. So sape nak pegi naek eurostar ajak la ye hehe

London's on sale again! Yea!! Summer sale has begun for most of the shops. Now I can and I will go shopping for souvenirs (and for myself ;P)..

oh yea, thanks for all the birthday wishes..but where are the presents? ahahaha

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tagged by Alifah

Total volume of music files on my computer:
751mb only. Not much..

Last CD I bought:
Can't remember. Must have been one of those stupid cheap stuff a.k.a cetak rompak haha

Song playing right now:
None. I seldom play any music. Prefer to keep the peace and quietness. Haha as if. Especially with a stupid neighbour like mine...

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

1. Melissa by Porno Grafitti - Fullmetal Alchemist first OP.
2. Mockingbird by Eminem
3. It's Only The Fairytale by Miyamura Yuuko - Mai-HIME soundtrack.I like the lyrics and the haunting music
4. Work by Jimmy Eat World
5. 12:51 by The Strokes

Five people to whom i'm passing the baton:
1. Drog
2. Asma'
3. Baby
4. Dina
5. Arfa

-isk esok ade paper pon sempat lg buat mende nih-