Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Boxing day: the aftermath...

Woohoo..2 days of shopping and I feel like I'm bankrupt. No more shopping for me..but then why am I still thinking about that pink Nike shoes? Ok I admit maybe it's because it's going for only 10 pounds. Would pink look good on me? hahaha..On the down side, Yatie told me Nike is a jewish owned corporation. Is it true? Should we just stop buying from nike and countless other brands listed in Yatie's blog? If then, it's done in the name of religion, would I get any pahala? Or should I just ignore it all? How about the things I've already bought? If I continue buying, does this mean I'm funding the oppression of Palestinians, even though I sympathised with them? Why are jews successful people in the business world? Why are all those brands created by jews? What do they mean when they say it's 'yahudi punye' ? Is it because the founder is jew? Or is it because the shareholders are mainly jews and the profit they got is send back to Israel to help the country get rid of palestinians? Hey..is any of this true anyway?
hahaha sorry if you found my questions offensive. I just like to argue when people said something about boycotting products. Hell, I just like to argue for the sake of arguing..hahahhaha..

Saturday, December 25, 2004

It's xmas..

Merry christmas to all those who are celebrating..Unfortunately, it was not a white xmas here. Instead, it was very sunny

There's no transport today. So we're stuck in the room, watching movies. Tomorrow is Boxing Day and I plan to go shopping with Phey Ming and Wei Ting. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Paris..Day 5 & 6

Both days were spent sight seeing around Paris.

Louvre: Managed to go there during day and at night. The scenery at night was beautiful but again, nightmode is so troublesome. We went to Louvre again the next day to see Monalisa. Finally managed to see this famous picture. Anyone who loves art should go to this museum. It's totally huge! I couldn't even finish one floor of exhibits. On the downside, if you don't understand french, it's very troublesome. All the explanations to the paintings & artefacts are in french. These french patriotism is killing me..hahah

Eiffel Tower: We went to see the Eiffel Tower again during the day. This time the pictures came out clear. We didn't actually go to Eiffel, but to Trocadero instead ( and I thought Trocadero is only in London..haha). Really nice view. If you want to take pictures of the Eiffel, you should go here. There're some museums around but we didn't visit them..

L'arc de Triomphe (arch of triumph?) & Champs Elysees: Went to see this famous arch. Took some photos. Then there was an incident with 'sugar daddies" resulting in us going to the Louis Vuitton shop to help them buy handbags. Man, I've never felt so rich in my life ..even if it's only for a few minutes..These chinese people are so damn rich that they could carry 3000 euros for shopping and in cash!

Place de la Concorde & Tuileries: This was an unplanned visit. We went there to kill the time since our train for London only departed at 6 pm. There was a huge ferris wheel which reminded me of London Eye. Only London Eye is bigger and the capsule is closed (I mean the one in Paris is like the one you see at funfairs..open air capsule). There's an obelisk which marked the start of L'avenue de Champs Elysees and there we could see L'arc de Triomphe and La Defense (another famous arch,but more modern in design) in a straight line. For anyone who has read Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Code, I think I found the original Rose Line ie the bronze plates on the road..haha ..but I'm not sure if it's the correct one.

Notre Dame (our lady?): Beautiful design..Since it was near xmas, we could hear people singing hymns inside the church. We met Ain Satar and Imsoon there. It was quite a surprise actually because we thought we were the only ones in Paris on the account that everyone keeps saying it's no use to go here in winter(because of the cold weather and short daylight)

Grande Mosquee (big mosque): We managed to visit this mosque, mainly because I was searching for a place to pray zohor & asar. It was nice but quite small compared to all the other places we had been. We met a nice french lady who can speak english well and she told us where the nearest halal restaurant is. It's so difficult to find halal food here (mainly because my french is not that good) that we ended up eating lots of bread and french fries.

Sacre Coeur (sacred heart?) : Another church (or is it a burial place? I'd forgotten already) situated on top of a hill. Really scenic but we didn't climb up the hill. Too tired to do that. We went shopping because around the area there were a lot of shops selling souvenirs. Again, Azrin and Syira bought lots of thing while I spent the time only browsing.

Finally arrived back in London around 8 pm. Tomorrow is xmas day and there's no transport around. So we'll stay in the room and watch movies..

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Paris..Day 4

It's 5 am and I was already awake. Why? Because we got a train to catch at 6.15. Naseb baek sempat sampai..hahah..

I supposed it was an experience not to be forgotten because we're on one of the fastest train in the world. TGV or train de grand vittesse? ye ke ni ejaan die? hahaha..ape2lah. One thing for certain, I slept for the whole journey. There's nothing to see outside the window anyway because it's still dark.

We arrived in Poitiers around 8 in the morning. Picked up by a Senior studying french language there. He fed us a breakfast of toast with butter and sweetcorns in tin. Certainly a unique experience..haha..

Other people came and brought us sightseeing around Poitiers. Actually we were supposed to go to Futuroscope, something like a theme park kot but it was closed for winter. How Shafrah managed to buy the train tickets without checking the opening hours I wonder..hahah..I wasn't feeling well that day so I didn't enjoy it that much. Not the fault of our hosts. Thanks to all the people who managed to make our day. We planned to go ice skating at Centreville (town centre) during the afternoon. However, due to tickets problems it was not possible (we wanted to go back to Paris but the cheapest ticket was 33 euros..Finally we decided just to buy the tickets). By the time we came out of the train station it was already raining. SO no ice skating for us.

That night, we stayed at Kak Ieja's house, a senior also studying french. She was actually a maths teacher who was sponsored to do french. We watched '3 Abdul' and 'Ali Baba & 40 Penyamun', courtesy of Shaf who brought the CDs along. Really enjoed that nite talking to them, listening to them telling stories about life in France. It's more difficult for them because of the tudung issue, the language etc. Plus their university courses are much harder than ours, with shorter holidays and lots of exams. They even said that it's normal for people to fail there. Thank god I'm in UK and not in France..hahah...

Downed a couple of panadols plus some cough syrup. Hope it gets better tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Paris..Day 3

We woke up late today. It was 10 am. Probably because the whole day yesterday was spent walking on our feet. No wonder we slept like a log..haha..

We went to Val d'Europe, a shopping area one stop before Disneyland. The complex was huge. I didn't expect to see a shopping complex this huge. I think it's longer than Midvalley, but it only has 2 floors. The shops were nice but there were no sale. Initially, I thought of buying some perfumes there, but after converting the euro prices into pounds, I found to my surprise that it's cheaper in London. Haih so it is true that Paris is more expensive than London. Furthermore, they didn't have any kind of sale, even this close to xmas. Rod said the sale would probably be in January or during Easter. So if any of you wants to go shopping in Paris take note of this..hahah. Outside the complex, there's an area of factory outlets for designer stores. There were Diesel(actually I didn't know Diesel is considered a branded good here),Nina Ricci, Chanel, Versace etc. All the shops where we could only go in and have a look because we couldn't afford to buy anything..haha

In the afternoon, we took a train back to Paris. This time we stayed at another F1 hotel but in Porte de Chatillon. The layout of the room was exactly the same as the one in Noisy Champs. We then decided to go out while waiting for Shafrah to arrive. We visited the Eiffel tower at night. It was breathtaking seeing the play of lights from the tower. Syira managed to catch it all in her videocam. So anyone who wants to see it ask her. She and Azrin were all excited because they can then show off to the people in Soton(this is because of the indonesian movie Eiffel, I'm in Love that they all watched before coming to Paris). Again, I had some difficulty in taking pictures because of the night mode.haha. We bargained for some souvenirs from all those black(is it offensive to use this term?) people around the tower. I got 10 keychains for 2 euros, the cheapest I could get I think..Syira and Azrin bought lots of souvenir. I only bought the keychains because my mom said to buy only what I could use. So since I have no use for souvenirs, there is no need to buy them rite? hahahah..

We took a lift to the first floor. First, because it was the cheapest (4 euros compared to 10.40 for the top floor) and second, because we're all afraid of heights. when the lift started to move up, I was thinking of what would happen if we're stuck there..haha..To our surprise, there was an ice skating ring there but it was quite small. Spent quite a while up there taking photos and looking at the scenery..

Went back and went to sleep. Tomorrow we got an early train to catch. 6.15 am to be exact..hahah..

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Paris..Day 2

Disneyland was fantastic!! It's like a dream come true for me because I've always wanted to go there since I was small. Blame it on all those Disney cartoons on TV and lately, playing Rollercoaster Tycoon..haha..The trip was certainly worth it and one day in Disneyland is not enough. I didn't get to go on most of the rides. I want to go again!! hahaha..For those of you who wants to go to Disneyland, I suggest you buy tickets from the Disney Stores. There's one on Oxford St. and another one in Covent Garden. It's 3 pounds cheaper than buying online. Plus, you can only buy online if you have a credit card.

Disneyland is divided into 5 main areas which are named Frontierland, Discoveryland, Main Street USA, Adventureland and Fantasyland if I'm not mistaken. Each area is decorated according to it's theme. The most beautiful one I think would be Fantasyland because that's where the big enchanted castle stood. You know, the big castle that is on every Disneyland's logo..

Alhamdulillah the weather was clear throughout the day, although it was freezing. My hands were numb if I didn't wear the gloves. But I hate wearing them. It made taking pictures with the camera so clumsy that I'm afraid I would drop the camera. The good thing about going to Disneyland in winter is that there are less people. Even then, it's very crowded in the restaurants during lunch hour. I can't imagine how crowded it would be in the summer.

A few of the rides we managed to catch were Space Mountain(rollercoaster in the dark..There's no need to close your eyes because you can't see a thing anyway..hahah), Star Tours (I think Genting has a ride like this..Motion Master ke? It's where you watch a movie and the whole seat moves around accordingly..but I'm a bit miffed because the movie's in french and I can only understand bits and pieces only..haha), It's A Small World (cute dolls from all over the world..But I can't find any from Malaysia, wearing traditional baju kurung or baju melayu) and a boat ride in an antique ship. We missed out on Indiana Jones because it broke down just when we wanted to go on it. Bad luck..haha..

Around 4.30 the parades started. The Christmas Parade came first, followed by Prince&Princess and the Fantillusion Parade. All were very 'eye-catching'. You can view some pictures on my fotopages.But there's none on Fantillussion because it's at night and using nightmode cause the pictures to become blurry..

We also went to Disney Village, a shopping area near the park. It's built outside the park so there's no need to buy tickets if you just want to go there. I didn't buy lots of things because all the shops sold almost the same things, and at the same prices. Talk about limited choices..hahah..

The whole day was spent at Disneyland, and I'm still not satisfied. Probably I'll go again next year? haha..I know you guys need a translator for basic french kan??

Monday, December 20, 2004

Paris..Day 1

*this entry is actually typed when I'm back in London*

Today we're off to Paris. 10.34am train to Paris. The journey was 2 hours plus and quite boring. I spent my time sleeping and only woke up when the train driver announced we're about to enter the Channel Tunnel. We had to adjust our watches since Paris is one hour ahead of London.

We (Azrin, Syira and I) arrived at Gare du Nord at around 2.20 pm (Paris time). We had time to kill because the person who are supposed to pick us up will only come around 5. So we walked around the area trying to find a place to pray. At times like this I wish I was in Malaysia, where there are suraus/prayer rooms in almost all buildings. As a last resort, we prayed in front of the shower room. Haih masok toilet sini pon kene bayar tau..1 euro..ngade2 sungguh.

So around 4 we took the RER to Noisy Champs, which was in Zone 4 because we wanted to go to Disneyland tomorrow which is in Zone 5. Plus, Shafrah(Azrin's friend in France) got a friend there, Rod. Comparing the rail services there with UK, I found the system more people friendly here. There are always someone managing the turnstiles in case anyone got stuck. But in Paris there was no one to help us when Syira got stuck in the door. So we had to enter 2 person at the same time..hhaha..One thing which we found very interesting is that there actually exist double decker trains! And all this while I thought only double decker buses exist..haha..

In Noisy Champs, we met some Malaysian students studying there plus some other people visiting. Ate a lot of chicken curry, sambal ikan masin and ayam panggang. Nice of them to cook for us..hehe..We also watched Puteri Gunung Ledang, courtesy of Rod whose mum posted the VCDs. The story was terribly slooow but I guess it's a good effort by Malaysian producers,actors and director.

We stayed at F1 hotel for the night. 38 euros for 3 people. I guess it's value for money. Tomorrow, Disneyland!

Friday, December 17, 2004

marathon session

No, I haven't been running long distance around London. Who would want to do that in this cold weather? Definitely not me..haha

This is what I've watched for the past couple of days..
1. Sponge Bob Squarepants The Movie - okla..but I still think Incredibles is waay better

2. Amazing Race season 6 ep 5 - urgh I hate Lori&Bolo.And that 'passionate' guy.Can't remember his name. Yelling at his wife all the time and blaming her for making mistakes,as if he's Mr. Perfect himself.Kesian bini dier..mintak cerai je la.Even made her cry sampai host pon suruh die pergi tenangkan..Heh that man deserves to be tied up and dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Sooo irritating.

3. Saw - Crazy movie. I hate the ending. But congratulations to the director/scriptwriter for making such a psychotic movie. Don't watch this if you don't like unhappy ending. And if you do watch it, watch out for the twist at the end. VERY unexpected twist..

4. Team America:World Police - hahahaha..Can't stop laughing throughout the movie. Just watch it yourself to find out. Poking fun at americans view as the world's police. Some people might find it offensive tho..

5. Hunter x hunter(anime) - This anime has been in my laptop for quite a while and finally I made an effort to try to finish watching it (62 eps in all..not including OVAs). Managed to go up till 20. Then I found out that ep 21 is faulty. Looks like I have to download that episode again..

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Hahaha..Does this mean I'm in the wrong course? I can't believe what the result said..Elegant speaker? Converse well? That doesn't sound like me at ALL..haha.Eergh can you guys imagine me being a lawyer? Or a politician?? I can't picture myself like that in a few years time. That's why I like taking these types of tests, It will give out lots of strange results. I did the OC character quiz from Roggy's blog (without watching a single episode) and the result said I'm a guy..hahah that's even funnier..

Monday, December 13, 2004

I cooked!

Woohoo!! Today marked the first culinary achievement in my life. I cooked a proper meal alone! hahahah I can't believe I managed to do that. Hey if you think this is not a great achievement in my part, think again. My usual method of cooking is dumping frozen food into the microwave..be it ready-made meals, garlic bread, pies, heh I even microwaved hash browns and burgers (it's way healthier :P ..no oil-soaked,deep-fried burger which is bad for your arteries..haha). Plus, I've never cooked anything (aside from the microwavable food,maggi..) in my life before coming here. Yes, I've never even fried anything..never..not even a single egg..hahaha...See? That's why today is one of the milestone in mylife..hahah..

What did I cook? Just a simple sambal tumis ayam. I wanted to cook asam pedas ayam but I don't have any turmeric with me..so sambal tumis it is..

No veggies? Of course! For those of you who still don't know, I hate vegetables ok..except for a few. Ask Yat and Basyar..haha..They have to put up with eating carrots and celery for the past couple of months because I don't eat any other cheap vegetables i.e broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower,tomatoes etc..haha..Spinach,kangkung and kailan are a few other vegetables that I tolerate. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive here except for spinach, I think. So my source of vitamins nowadays are fruits. Apples, oranges and sometimes grapes. Heh I think I have to take multivitamin supplements to counter my lack of vitamins and other nutrients..hahah..

Sunday, December 12, 2004

ice lemon tea

Heh..now I'm addicted to ice lemon tea.Specifically Lipton's bottled ice lemon tea. I blame this on Basyar for dragging me out to Sainsbury's yesterday nite. Naseb baek die blanje..haha. What boggles my mind is why does the price of 1 bottle of ice lemon tea more expensive than Coke? I mean why can't they price something much more healthier IMHO than coke (or any other carbonated drinks for that matter..eh have any of you guys/gals ever noticed that the 'gas' is stronger here?) lower? Ok2 I know it's due to economies of scale, monopoly blablabla. heheh sebenarnye tak puas hati sebab coke yang x best tu lagi murah..hahah..

Yeay! Finally I managed to watch CSI episode 10 (season 5). FYI, CSI is the only tv siries that I've followed faithfully season after season. Usually I only follow the first season of a tv siries before giving up because I've missed a few episodes. I can't stand it when I miss several episodes, especially if the story continues from one episode to the other. 24 is the most obvious example-you miss one episode and you miss one hour in the day of the main character. It might not sound so bad since time flew by for most of us anyway. But when you have only 24 hours (24 episodes) to watch, missing an hour is like missing a huge chunk of your life. Other siries that I've given up following are Roswell, The X-files, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Charmed. And when I say I give up, I totally ignore the show when it airs on TV. That's why when people talk about the latest season of *insert show here* I would go totally blank eventhough I've watched the earliest season. hahah..Now the latest craze among kmysians in LSE is The OC which I have never watched at all. So when they began talking about this guy who sleeps with that girl who is actually the girlfriend of that guy blablabla..I am left clueless...hahah..

Ok back to CSI. *spoilers alert for anyone who haven't watched ep 9* . Why oh why do they have to split up the team? I admit tho it makes for an interesting development. Plus, it gives Greg more screen time..hahah..This week episode managed to give a peek into Sara's background but now I'm left wondering why was she left in foster care. heh knowing the directors, they would probably only elaborate on that next season..

Friday, December 10, 2004

winter hols!

Yeay! Winter hols is finally here. I can't believe it. Hmm now what should I do? I have a week free before going to Paris..Yes, I'm going to PARIS!! I can't wait to see Disneyland..hahah That's actually the main reason I'm going to Paris ok..not because of Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa or whatever..but DISNEYLAND! Blame it on playing too much rollercoaster tycoon in college..hahah..I've been eager to go to a proper theme park since then..(Berjaya's Cosmoworld is not a proper theme park ok..there's only 1 rollercoaster)...

Ohh talking about Disneyland..I remembered I haven't bought the tickets yet! Heh that means I have to check out the Disney store on Oxford Street to see whether it's true we can buy tickets there. And I haven't changed my money to Euro yet. And I haven't bought a phone yet..Hmm looks like I've got a lot of things to do..heheh..

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Ok, I had a seriously bad stomach cramp this afternoon. I was supposed to go to Madame Tussaud's with Aida and Wei Ting, plus some other members of the Malaysia Club. I was walking back from the Holborn tube station when the cramps hit me. It wasn't that bad at first but it grew worse. Luckily, I managed to reach the toilet and threw up there (if not I would be doing that in the middle of Houghton Street..hahah). Finally, Aida decided to call Mikel and the two of them left for Madame Tussaud's. Thanks to Mikel who managed to convince me to go to the clinic. If not, I would still be lying on my bed with the cramps. The nurse and the doctor were really nice. If you guys want to know how bad it was, they decided to give me an injection! Haha..I was surprised too. I thought they were just going to give me pain killers and let me sleep. And the injection really worked! I was up and about after half an hour. No more pain! Heheh.. So I got up..walked..and safely arrived at my room..whew..I hope it doesn't happen again. The last time it happened caused me to miss the Teacher's Day celebration in KMYS(or KYUEM is it now?). Now I missed the trip to Madam Tussaud's :( naseb baek dapat refund.

Well I guess there's an up side to this. Yatie told me she might be coming to London this winter, so now we can go there together. Besides, Azmir told me of a site where you can buy the tickets for just 8 pounds (as opposed to 12.50 sold by the MC). jimat 4.50 yer..hahah..

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

happy birthday roggy

Okay I know it's a bit early because her birthday is on 7 Dec actually, but no harm in wishing her early right? We had an early birthday party today at holborn. I ate so much spaghetti that I feel like I'm growing fat already. Thanks D for cooking the sauce. It's delicious!. And now I have 4 bags of leftover pasta courtesy of the holborn people. Maybe TI will cook laksa johor again for us..heheh..If I continue my current eating habit I would be horizontally challenged by the time I come back home.

Oh yeah..I finished reading The Face by Dean Koontz yesterday but couldn't be bothered to post about it. Actually that was the first book by Koontz that I've read. I think he is better than Stephen King..Maybe I am biased because I personally think King write such stupid books especially Insomnia..I can't believe that one is considered as a horror story. Not all of King's books are bad though..'It' (remember the crazy clown??) is especially good but I just can't understand his type of horror. Okay I'm babbling here..heheh..Back to 'The Face', I think this book is not so bad. It managed to keep me awake til almost 4 am. That's a sign that the book I was reading was very interesting. It's about Ethan Truman, an ex-cop who now works as head security for the very famous actor, The Face. He had received 6 black boxes filled with enigmatic puzzles which include 22 dead bugs in a jar, 10 foreskins in a jar(that's sick!) and the latest one, an apple with a doll's eye inside. So he began to search for the sender of the threats and started to experience strange things..His supposedly dead friend's body went missing from the morgue..His dead friens keep popping up at unexpected places..He died twice in one day..He began hearing voices in his phone..The line for the dead keeps ringing..heheh..If you really want to know what's going to happen to him, read it yourself..hahah..If I'm supposed to rate this book, I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

window shopping

Window shopping on Oxford Street today..So many things I wished I could buy if not for the lack of money(don't believe what other people say about PNB's scholars..we're not that rich you know..).There was this gorgeous baby blue coat at niketown..but it was 65 pounds..now if only I hadn't bought the white coat..hahah..

A funny incident happened tonite..I realised I'd left my toothbrush at B's place..It's cold and it's like a 30-minute walk to get there..plus it's already dark by the time I realised it..Thank goodness TI was going out with AZ. So I asked him to stop by Holborn. And he did! Yeay! Got my toothbrush back..The prospect of not brushing my teeth till Monday scares me a bit..(although I know some people who doesn't mind not brushing their teeth for several days..OBS anyone?..haha..K,M..you guys know who you are :p )

My friend C has got a phone. Nokia 6260 to be exact. The one with the rotating top. Hmm..when would I be getting my own phone? I don't know which one to choose!!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Malam Bakti

Tonight I watched a play titled 'Darling Mr. London' put up by LSESU Malaysian Club. Fantastic play and a job well done especially to the actresses because most of them had to come up with different accents (french,italian,german..) . The play was so hilarious that I was laughing non-stop through out the whole nite. Basically it's about a guy named Edward who works as a phone operator. In his spare time he chatted with foreign operators(ladies of course :p) and had several affairs with them. Trouble started brewing for him when his company decided to organize a Miss Europhone contest..And all the girls he was having affairs with decided to come to London in search for him...There's the seductress Monique@Miss Paris(makes great omelet..menage a trois..haha..Played by my econs classmate..Just realized that..), Sylvanna something@Miss Rome(wants lots of babies..my brotherzz will kill you...), Ingrid@Miss West Berlin(rollerskating..night games..) and all of them wanted to continue the affairs in real life. My oh my what big trouble is Mr London in..hahahah...It was an enjoyable nite. Even got some a free song from drunken athletes(AU barrel...Where athletes drink themselves to death. Some guys managed to barge in during the first half of the show. Luckily they were fully clothed. Unlike some unlucky seniors who managed to get a free show during their lecture.haha)..Met other people from London unis..C from IC..Long time schoolmate of mine. Oh surprisingly I met AZ after the end of the show. He did say he was coming to London but I didn't realized he would be there at the play.
I'm sleeping over at Holborn tonight. B's room. Ate one large pizza and one garlic bread with B and A. Ergh these management people. How could they turn off the heater at 12 midnite? It's freezing!!!
I also managed to finish D's book, A Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Not that great. But still worth reading. It's a bit like a collection of short stories in the life of Jane Rosenal(but there were a few chapters on other people).All the stories revolve around relationships. The part I liked most was when her father was dying. Made me think about my dad for a while. How much he had given me all this while and I've never really said thank you.(My family's not that big on expressing feelings I guess..Even on hari raya/eid, we just shake hands saying selamat hari raya. And even that was done to get duit raya..hahahha)
Oh well, I guess this is long enough. Till then..au revoir

Friday, December 03, 2004

Finished at last..

Yea I've finally finished editing my templates..Alhamdulillah..Took me quite some time to figure it out coz I don't have any background at all in HTML or web design or whatever..But since I did my editing in opera, readers who use Internet Explorer or other browsers might encounter some problems..Sorry for that ok?
Hmm how long will this blog last? I'm not sure myself. Maybe I would try updating at least once a week? That is if I still remember that I have a blog.. Hahah.
Ergh I haven't finished my stats exercise and it's due tomorrow..Maybe I'll just scribble in something to show I've tried answering the questions..hahah..Marks for effort made I guess?
*blog ini berjaye dihasilkan setelah tengok cik arfah pon ader blog..hahahaha..*

Thursday, December 02, 2004

first post

hmm what to say? blur~
just testing d template