Thursday, December 23, 2004

Paris..Day 4

It's 5 am and I was already awake. Why? Because we got a train to catch at 6.15. Naseb baek sempat sampai..hahah..

I supposed it was an experience not to be forgotten because we're on one of the fastest train in the world. TGV or train de grand vittesse? ye ke ni ejaan die? hahaha..ape2lah. One thing for certain, I slept for the whole journey. There's nothing to see outside the window anyway because it's still dark.

We arrived in Poitiers around 8 in the morning. Picked up by a Senior studying french language there. He fed us a breakfast of toast with butter and sweetcorns in tin. Certainly a unique experience..haha..

Other people came and brought us sightseeing around Poitiers. Actually we were supposed to go to Futuroscope, something like a theme park kot but it was closed for winter. How Shafrah managed to buy the train tickets without checking the opening hours I wonder..hahah..I wasn't feeling well that day so I didn't enjoy it that much. Not the fault of our hosts. Thanks to all the people who managed to make our day. We planned to go ice skating at Centreville (town centre) during the afternoon. However, due to tickets problems it was not possible (we wanted to go back to Paris but the cheapest ticket was 33 euros..Finally we decided just to buy the tickets). By the time we came out of the train station it was already raining. SO no ice skating for us.

That night, we stayed at Kak Ieja's house, a senior also studying french. She was actually a maths teacher who was sponsored to do french. We watched '3 Abdul' and 'Ali Baba & 40 Penyamun', courtesy of Shaf who brought the CDs along. Really enjoed that nite talking to them, listening to them telling stories about life in France. It's more difficult for them because of the tudung issue, the language etc. Plus their university courses are much harder than ours, with shorter holidays and lots of exams. They even said that it's normal for people to fail there. Thank god I'm in UK and not in France..hahah...

Downed a couple of panadols plus some cough syrup. Hope it gets better tomorrow.

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