Thursday, December 09, 2004


Ok, I had a seriously bad stomach cramp this afternoon. I was supposed to go to Madame Tussaud's with Aida and Wei Ting, plus some other members of the Malaysia Club. I was walking back from the Holborn tube station when the cramps hit me. It wasn't that bad at first but it grew worse. Luckily, I managed to reach the toilet and threw up there (if not I would be doing that in the middle of Houghton Street..hahah). Finally, Aida decided to call Mikel and the two of them left for Madame Tussaud's. Thanks to Mikel who managed to convince me to go to the clinic. If not, I would still be lying on my bed with the cramps. The nurse and the doctor were really nice. If you guys want to know how bad it was, they decided to give me an injection! Haha..I was surprised too. I thought they were just going to give me pain killers and let me sleep. And the injection really worked! I was up and about after half an hour. No more pain! Heheh.. So I got up..walked..and safely arrived at my room..whew..I hope it doesn't happen again. The last time it happened caused me to miss the Teacher's Day celebration in KMYS(or KYUEM is it now?). Now I missed the trip to Madam Tussaud's :( naseb baek dapat refund.

Well I guess there's an up side to this. Yatie told me she might be coming to London this winter, so now we can go there together. Besides, Azmir told me of a site where you can buy the tickets for just 8 pounds (as opposed to 12.50 sold by the MC). jimat 4.50 yer..hahah..

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yAtiE said...

itulah hikanahnye..ko mmg kene g madame tussoud ngn aku=)