Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Paris..Day 3

We woke up late today. It was 10 am. Probably because the whole day yesterday was spent walking on our feet. No wonder we slept like a log..haha..

We went to Val d'Europe, a shopping area one stop before Disneyland. The complex was huge. I didn't expect to see a shopping complex this huge. I think it's longer than Midvalley, but it only has 2 floors. The shops were nice but there were no sale. Initially, I thought of buying some perfumes there, but after converting the euro prices into pounds, I found to my surprise that it's cheaper in London. Haih so it is true that Paris is more expensive than London. Furthermore, they didn't have any kind of sale, even this close to xmas. Rod said the sale would probably be in January or during Easter. So if any of you wants to go shopping in Paris take note of this..hahah. Outside the complex, there's an area of factory outlets for designer stores. There were Diesel(actually I didn't know Diesel is considered a branded good here),Nina Ricci, Chanel, Versace etc. All the shops where we could only go in and have a look because we couldn't afford to buy anything..haha

In the afternoon, we took a train back to Paris. This time we stayed at another F1 hotel but in Porte de Chatillon. The layout of the room was exactly the same as the one in Noisy Champs. We then decided to go out while waiting for Shafrah to arrive. We visited the Eiffel tower at night. It was breathtaking seeing the play of lights from the tower. Syira managed to catch it all in her videocam. So anyone who wants to see it ask her. She and Azrin were all excited because they can then show off to the people in Soton(this is because of the indonesian movie Eiffel, I'm in Love that they all watched before coming to Paris). Again, I had some difficulty in taking pictures because of the night mode.haha. We bargained for some souvenirs from all those black(is it offensive to use this term?) people around the tower. I got 10 keychains for 2 euros, the cheapest I could get I think..Syira and Azrin bought lots of souvenir. I only bought the keychains because my mom said to buy only what I could use. So since I have no use for souvenirs, there is no need to buy them rite? hahahah..

We took a lift to the first floor. First, because it was the cheapest (4 euros compared to 10.40 for the top floor) and second, because we're all afraid of heights. when the lift started to move up, I was thinking of what would happen if we're stuck there..haha..To our surprise, there was an ice skating ring there but it was quite small. Spent quite a while up there taking photos and looking at the scenery..

Went back and went to sleep. Tomorrow we got an early train to catch. 6.15 am to be exact..hahah..

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mr dx said...

10 keychains for 2 euros???? dats it lah!!! shit man...aku baya mahal giler ok.....uhuhuhu

oh yeah, there are double decker trains kat situ..ehehe aku nampak gak ;)