Saturday, December 25, 2004

Paris..Day 5 & 6

Both days were spent sight seeing around Paris.

Louvre: Managed to go there during day and at night. The scenery at night was beautiful but again, nightmode is so troublesome. We went to Louvre again the next day to see Monalisa. Finally managed to see this famous picture. Anyone who loves art should go to this museum. It's totally huge! I couldn't even finish one floor of exhibits. On the downside, if you don't understand french, it's very troublesome. All the explanations to the paintings & artefacts are in french. These french patriotism is killing me..hahah

Eiffel Tower: We went to see the Eiffel Tower again during the day. This time the pictures came out clear. We didn't actually go to Eiffel, but to Trocadero instead ( and I thought Trocadero is only in London..haha). Really nice view. If you want to take pictures of the Eiffel, you should go here. There're some museums around but we didn't visit them..

L'arc de Triomphe (arch of triumph?) & Champs Elysees: Went to see this famous arch. Took some photos. Then there was an incident with 'sugar daddies" resulting in us going to the Louis Vuitton shop to help them buy handbags. Man, I've never felt so rich in my life ..even if it's only for a few minutes..These chinese people are so damn rich that they could carry 3000 euros for shopping and in cash!

Place de la Concorde & Tuileries: This was an unplanned visit. We went there to kill the time since our train for London only departed at 6 pm. There was a huge ferris wheel which reminded me of London Eye. Only London Eye is bigger and the capsule is closed (I mean the one in Paris is like the one you see at air capsule). There's an obelisk which marked the start of L'avenue de Champs Elysees and there we could see L'arc de Triomphe and La Defense (another famous arch,but more modern in design) in a straight line. For anyone who has read Dan Brown's Da Vinci's Code, I think I found the original Rose Line ie the bronze plates on the road..haha ..but I'm not sure if it's the correct one.

Notre Dame (our lady?): Beautiful design..Since it was near xmas, we could hear people singing hymns inside the church. We met Ain Satar and Imsoon there. It was quite a surprise actually because we thought we were the only ones in Paris on the account that everyone keeps saying it's no use to go here in winter(because of the cold weather and short daylight)

Grande Mosquee (big mosque): We managed to visit this mosque, mainly because I was searching for a place to pray zohor & asar. It was nice but quite small compared to all the other places we had been. We met a nice french lady who can speak english well and she told us where the nearest halal restaurant is. It's so difficult to find halal food here (mainly because my french is not that good) that we ended up eating lots of bread and french fries.

Sacre Coeur (sacred heart?) : Another church (or is it a burial place? I'd forgotten already) situated on top of a hill. Really scenic but we didn't climb up the hill. Too tired to do that. We went shopping because around the area there were a lot of shops selling souvenirs. Again, Azrin and Syira bought lots of thing while I spent the time only browsing.

Finally arrived back in London around 8 pm. Tomorrow is xmas day and there's no transport around. So we'll stay in the room and watch movies..

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