Friday, December 17, 2004

marathon session

No, I haven't been running long distance around London. Who would want to do that in this cold weather? Definitely not me..haha

This is what I've watched for the past couple of days..
1. Sponge Bob Squarepants The Movie - okla..but I still think Incredibles is waay better

2. Amazing Race season 6 ep 5 - urgh I hate Lori&Bolo.And that 'passionate' guy.Can't remember his name. Yelling at his wife all the time and blaming her for making mistakes,as if he's Mr. Perfect himself.Kesian bini dier..mintak cerai je la.Even made her cry sampai host pon suruh die pergi tenangkan..Heh that man deserves to be tied up and dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Sooo irritating.

3. Saw - Crazy movie. I hate the ending. But congratulations to the director/scriptwriter for making such a psychotic movie. Don't watch this if you don't like unhappy ending. And if you do watch it, watch out for the twist at the end. VERY unexpected twist..

4. Team America:World Police - hahahaha..Can't stop laughing throughout the movie. Just watch it yourself to find out. Poking fun at americans view as the world's police. Some people might find it offensive tho..

5. Hunter x hunter(anime) - This anime has been in my laptop for quite a while and finally I made an effort to try to finish watching it (62 eps in all..not including OVAs). Managed to go up till 20. Then I found out that ep 21 is faulty. Looks like I have to download that episode again..

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