Friday, December 03, 2004

Finished at last..

Yea I've finally finished editing my templates..Alhamdulillah..Took me quite some time to figure it out coz I don't have any background at all in HTML or web design or whatever..But since I did my editing in opera, readers who use Internet Explorer or other browsers might encounter some problems..Sorry for that ok?
Hmm how long will this blog last? I'm not sure myself. Maybe I would try updating at least once a week? That is if I still remember that I have a blog.. Hahah.
Ergh I haven't finished my stats exercise and it's due tomorrow..Maybe I'll just scribble in something to show I've tried answering the questions..hahah..Marks for effort made I guess?
*blog ini berjaye dihasilkan setelah tengok cik arfah pon ader blog..hahahaha..*

1 comment:

yAtiE said...

"blog berjaye dihasilkan stlh arfah pon ade blog"....haha, ko tiru arfa, arfa tiru aku... same je cam ko tiru aku..huhu