Monday, December 20, 2004

Paris..Day 1

*this entry is actually typed when I'm back in London*

Today we're off to Paris. 10.34am train to Paris. The journey was 2 hours plus and quite boring. I spent my time sleeping and only woke up when the train driver announced we're about to enter the Channel Tunnel. We had to adjust our watches since Paris is one hour ahead of London.

We (Azrin, Syira and I) arrived at Gare du Nord at around 2.20 pm (Paris time). We had time to kill because the person who are supposed to pick us up will only come around 5. So we walked around the area trying to find a place to pray. At times like this I wish I was in Malaysia, where there are suraus/prayer rooms in almost all buildings. As a last resort, we prayed in front of the shower room. Haih masok toilet sini pon kene bayar tau..1 euro..ngade2 sungguh.

So around 4 we took the RER to Noisy Champs, which was in Zone 4 because we wanted to go to Disneyland tomorrow which is in Zone 5. Plus, Shafrah(Azrin's friend in France) got a friend there, Rod. Comparing the rail services there with UK, I found the system more people friendly here. There are always someone managing the turnstiles in case anyone got stuck. But in Paris there was no one to help us when Syira got stuck in the door. So we had to enter 2 person at the same time..hhaha..One thing which we found very interesting is that there actually exist double decker trains! And all this while I thought only double decker buses exist..haha..

In Noisy Champs, we met some Malaysian students studying there plus some other people visiting. Ate a lot of chicken curry, sambal ikan masin and ayam panggang. Nice of them to cook for us..hehe..We also watched Puteri Gunung Ledang, courtesy of Rod whose mum posted the VCDs. The story was terribly slooow but I guess it's a good effort by Malaysian producers,actors and director.

We stayed at F1 hotel for the night. 38 euros for 3 people. I guess it's value for money. Tomorrow, Disneyland!

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