Tuesday, December 07, 2004

happy birthday roggy

Okay I know it's a bit early because her birthday is on 7 Dec actually, but no harm in wishing her early right? We had an early birthday party today at holborn. I ate so much spaghetti that I feel like I'm growing fat already. Thanks D for cooking the sauce. It's delicious!. And now I have 4 bags of leftover pasta courtesy of the holborn people. Maybe TI will cook laksa johor again for us..heheh..If I continue my current eating habit I would be horizontally challenged by the time I come back home.

Oh yeah..I finished reading The Face by Dean Koontz yesterday but couldn't be bothered to post about it. Actually that was the first book by Koontz that I've read. I think he is better than Stephen King..Maybe I am biased because I personally think King write such stupid books especially Insomnia..I can't believe that one is considered as a horror story. Not all of King's books are bad though..'It' (remember the crazy clown??) is especially good but I just can't understand his type of horror. Okay I'm babbling here..heheh..Back to 'The Face', I think this book is not so bad. It managed to keep me awake til almost 4 am. That's a sign that the book I was reading was very interesting. It's about Ethan Truman, an ex-cop who now works as head security for the very famous actor, The Face. He had received 6 black boxes filled with enigmatic puzzles which include 22 dead bugs in a jar, 10 foreskins in a jar(that's sick!) and the latest one, an apple with a doll's eye inside. So he began to search for the sender of the threats and started to experience strange things..His supposedly dead friend's body went missing from the morgue..His dead friens keep popping up at unexpected places..He died twice in one day..He began hearing voices in his phone..The line for the dead keeps ringing..heheh..If you really want to know what's going to happen to him, read it yourself..hahah..If I'm supposed to rate this book, I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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