Sunday, December 12, 2004

ice lemon tea I'm addicted to ice lemon tea.Specifically Lipton's bottled ice lemon tea. I blame this on Basyar for dragging me out to Sainsbury's yesterday nite. Naseb baek die blanje..haha. What boggles my mind is why does the price of 1 bottle of ice lemon tea more expensive than Coke? I mean why can't they price something much more healthier IMHO than coke (or any other carbonated drinks for that have any of you guys/gals ever noticed that the 'gas' is stronger here?) lower? Ok2 I know it's due to economies of scale, monopoly blablabla. heheh sebenarnye tak puas hati sebab coke yang x best tu lagi murah..hahah..

Yeay! Finally I managed to watch CSI episode 10 (season 5). FYI, CSI is the only tv siries that I've followed faithfully season after season. Usually I only follow the first season of a tv siries before giving up because I've missed a few episodes. I can't stand it when I miss several episodes, especially if the story continues from one episode to the other. 24 is the most obvious example-you miss one episode and you miss one hour in the day of the main character. It might not sound so bad since time flew by for most of us anyway. But when you have only 24 hours (24 episodes) to watch, missing an hour is like missing a huge chunk of your life. Other siries that I've given up following are Roswell, The X-files, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Charmed. And when I say I give up, I totally ignore the show when it airs on TV. That's why when people talk about the latest season of *insert show here* I would go totally blank eventhough I've watched the earliest season. hahah..Now the latest craze among kmysians in LSE is The OC which I have never watched at all. So when they began talking about this guy who sleeps with that girl who is actually the girlfriend of that guy blablabla..I am left clueless...hahah..

Ok back to CSI. *spoilers alert for anyone who haven't watched ep 9* . Why oh why do they have to split up the team? I admit tho it makes for an interesting development. Plus, it gives Greg more screen time..hahah..This week episode managed to give a peek into Sara's background but now I'm left wondering why was she left in foster care. heh knowing the directors, they would probably only elaborate on that next season..

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