Sunday, January 30, 2005

A moving castle, anyone?

Well, as always, my weekend entry is going to be about movies. This time it's Hayao Miyazaki's (the guy who did Spirited Away) new anime movie, Howl's Moving Castle. I've always admired Miyazaki's work and loved them. His animes like Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro all had significant meaning behind them.
HMC is no exception. This time he subtly put an anti-war message in it. There are scenes of war and it's effect on people. . Of people having run away because of the war. Of a city up in flames from bombings..

The movie centred on Sophie, a girl cursed to become an old woman by a wicked witch, and her relationship with Howl, a powerful wizard who was the reason for her curse. In order to lift her curse, she went to work as Howl's cleaning lady and as usual, fell in love with him. As Sophie tried to find the cure to her curse, she first had to uncover the mystery of Howl's secret between him and his fire demon, Calcifer.I guess it could be a love story, with magic, war, and fantasy all thrown in together.
This anime was based on a book of the same title by Diana Wynne Jones. And to tell you the truth, the book is better. Hmm maybe because there was a lot more magic stuff in it while the movie focused more on the 'real world' part i.e. the war. However, it's still a good watch. If you haven't read the book, you'll probably enjoy it more. For me, I keep comparing them both to find out what's different.

I also watched Meet the Fockers, and what can I say, the first one's better. Going to watch Closer tomorrow. Hope it's as good as some people say.

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