Friday, January 07, 2005

A phone at last..

Yeah! I finally got a contract with o2. But I didn't get the phone I really wanted, Samsung d500. Instead, I got the Nokia 7610 because it's on sale and it's free..heheh..Kini aku bukan lagi orang ulu..Yatie ko bile lagi? Haha. But I hate all the hassle I have to go through just to get a phone. It took me more than an hour to get everything done. Plus, I still have to pay £200 in deposit. Good thing it would be returned to me after 3 months..

Oops I haven't done any of my homework at all. Ergh what a procrastinator I am. Never mind, there are still a few more days before classes actually start. Hopefully, I could finish them all before classes. One thing I love about LSE is the fact that we don't have any exams till the end of the year. Heh actually that could be a bad thing because now I'm not concentrating on my studies at all..

So what have I been doing during the holidays. As far as I can remember, I slept, ate, went to Paris, went shopping, slept, ate, slept again..hahaha..Oh not forgetting watching a lot of animes and movies. I finally managed to finish all the Hunter x hunter episodes..heheh..Now I'm watching Full Metal Alchemist, thanks to Arfa..

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