Saturday, January 08, 2005

Compare these...

Okay, this is my old phone, Sharp GX27

and this is my new phone, Nokia 7610

What do you think? Am I going backwards? I mean, people nowadays are going for the flip phone type, but I'm back to using non-flip phone. I admit using a flip phone does have its advantages eg it's easier to take your own pictures because the front screen act as a viewer(is this the correct word?) and not forgetting the fact that my old phone have a flash. And a macro lens. And a better, sharper display. And the flash light can change colour. Damn.
Now why did I get that Nokia phone anyway? The megapixel camera? Still couldn't beat the pics from Sharp because of its better screen. Games? Zero. Have to download it myself I guess. The up side of having this phone? An alarm clock that would function even when you turn the phone off.Hahah..Plus, it's a smart phone which means I can install applications. But what? huhmm..If anyone have any ideas where to get apps for this phone, do tell me. Looks as if I'm pretty attached to my old phone.. :P

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