Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Start of term..

Aagh classes and lectures have already started since Monday. And I think I've broken my personal record of falling asleep in lectures. Heh the new econs lecturer is still as boring as the old one. And there's no lecture notes to refer to. No wonder I fell asleep after a couple of minutes.. heheh..

Hm the term is only beginning and I'm already thinking of where to go during the easter vacations. I want to go to Barcelona. Or specifically, Universal Studios Mediterranean. Looks like I have a compulsion to visit every theme park here in Europe. heheh..So anyone got any suggestions for what to do in Barcelona other than going to the theme park? Any good hotels/hostels there?

If you have any extra infos, do tell me..

Oh and I've booked the flight tickets to go home on 29 June. I think I'll be on the same flight as Arfa, Yatie, Azrin, Shira and etc. For less than 400GBP people said it's cheap. Just hope there's no problem on that date (LSE's summer term hasn't officially ended yet. We end on 1st July). I've asked around and the seniors said everything should've been over by middle of June. So I guess it's ok..

Have to think of finding a house. That's gonna be expensive and put a strain on my allowances. Our education minister, Datuk Seri(is it?) Hishamuddin Tun Hussein will be giving a talk tomorrow. Still not sure whether I'm going or not. Free food but there're the fares to think of. I need to budget because of the flight tickets & plans of Barca. Oh, my sponsor PNB will also be coming to visit this weekend. Heh I hope they bring some good news. A raise in allowances, perhaps?

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