Monday, January 17, 2005


Had a meeting with my sponsor for these last two days. Yesterday was an individual session where I had to wait like 4 hours for my turn. Huh it did remind me of my interview during the scholarship application process where I had to wait a whole day to be interviewed. They certainly lack time management skills. Each 10 minutes session turned into 20 minutes..Haih so irritating. Today, we had to listen to the CEO's speech in the morning. That's all and I had to wake up early just for that. Thank goodness they provide free breakfast and lunch. Plus, I could claim my travel expenses.

The CEO kept reminding us to do well in our studies or we risk getting our scholarships revoked and would be sent back to Malaysia. Truth be told, I'm quite scared because I haven't done proper studying at all. Watching way to many movies & animes plus reading a whole lot of mangas certainly doesn't leave enough room for studying. I have to cut back on those. I hope I'll be able to start studying during easter vacations tho the prospect of doing that looks slim. With the plans of travelling to Barcelona going into effect, there probably won't be enough time for me to study when I come back.. AAaaaa..cuak2..hahah..

All in all, it was a nice weekend where I had the chance to meet other PNB's scholars especially the 7th batch(that's my batch). Had a nice time borak2 tho gossiping was kept to a minimum (maybe because I didn't join the dinner last nite..hummm..). Hope to see you guys again soon.

On to other things, I just heard that Spider won the best song for Juara Lagu with the song 'Relaku Pujuk'. It was quite a shock for me (probably because I don't even know they were in the final..heheh..). Congratulations to them (I know..I know.. they don't even read this blog la..) and thanks to Yatie & Shaza for keeping me informed.

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Bustaman said...

Well, do not forget why you are there. I am sure you can prioritize. Good luck!