Monday, January 24, 2005

Of ghost, daggers & desperation..

First, the ghost part. I watched a Korean ghost story entitled 'The Face' yesterday together with Kasya and Yat. Actually, we barged in into Yat's room to watch the movie because my laptop was not 'behaving' itself by refusing to play the dvd. Heh I have to figure out what's wrong with it later..Back to the story, it's an almost typical Korean/Japanese ghost story with the ghost being a woman with long black hair and only one visible eye. Very similar to Ju-On and Ring. Plus the ghost also behaves similarly, crawling around in the same style,popping out of the floor(this one is very similar to Ju-On2). No originality at all. But the storyline's not so bad. Put in some twist a la 6th Sense, then you get an enjoyable movie to watch. But not that scary. Well, at least for me. Since Kasya didn't notice the ghost on the ceiling, I guess she was closing her eyes at that time. Hahah.

Secondly, the daggers part. Kasya and I then continued our movie marathon by watching House of Flying Daggers which, fortunately, my laptop was able to play. Again a nice movie to watch. With great acting by the cast and totally gorgeous scenery, it was certainly a feast for the eyes. Plus, I quote Kasya, "Handsomenyee Takeshi Kaneshiro!" hahah. And we hated Andy Lau in his role. If not for him, the story would then have a happy ending instead of the tragic one.

And lastly, the desperation part? Heheh..No it's not about me or anyone I know. It's just that Kasya and I then proceeded to spend today watching 4 episodes of Desperate Housewives back to back. I think if not for the fact that she had to go back to Mile End, she would have continued watching the show up to the most recent episode. If any of you guys have not heard of the siries, check it out. It won this year Golden Globe award for best comedy miniseries, if I'm not mistaken.

Then on the walk across Millennium Bridge today, I watched one of the most beautiful sunset in my life. I admit I haven't watched enough sunset to make a valid comparison, but it certainly was beautiful for me. The sky turned rosy pink with shades of blue and purple scattered here and there. And then it turned golden; yellow and orange coloured the sky. It was certainly gorgeous . Subhanallah..

Received my return flight tickets to Malaysia today. It was again in the wrong letter box. Won't the reception people ever learn that my surname starts with A? Haih..Suddenly feeling homesick. AAaa nak balik rumah! :P

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nashriq said...

balik la.. aku pun rindu kat ko gak.. haha!