Sunday, February 06, 2005

Love and War..

Another movie update? I know what you must be thinking. This gal has nothing to do except watch movies all day?'s true. I reserve my weekend for watching movies.

So I finally watched Closer. Not a bad movie. Like what someone said(can't remember who), it depicts to what extend people would act in the name of love. I can't understand why Anna decided to marry Larry when she was still seeing Dan at the same time? And then she decided to leave Larry for Dan, but revoked her decision a few months later and went back to Larry. Hmm what a fickle minded person she is. Why oh why can't she just pick one man? Very indecisive indeed. Watching this film gave me an unsettling feeling. Do we really act like that with our loved ones? Do we test them just to find out how much they loved us? And would telling the truth all the time be good for us? Take Jude Law's character, Dan, for example. He knew Alice slept with Larry, and when he forced her to tell the truth, she then dumped him. The same thing actually occured when Anna told him the truth that she slept with Larry one last time. She dumped him and went back to Larry. So does this mean it's better to keep quiet about some things as long as the person we love are happy because they don't know it? Would telling the truth brings back the guilt that we've forced down up to the surface of our feelings? I guess it could..Hmm..

Oh well, on to other things I've watched. There's the new episode of CSI, then a new siries about a psychic helping solve crimes, Medium, and a Japanese sci-fi flick, Casshern. I watched it out of curiosity. This is another anti-war movie. Some scenes really stick in your mind. Like the scene where the main character had to shoot a woman and her baby on behalf of another soldier because if not, his superior would shoot his colleague. And there was the scene where a soldier picked up a baby from his mother, only to find his action had unplugged the pin of a grenade. The dead mother was willing to sacrifice her child for revenge? or is it because she taught no one would be kind enough to look after her child, and would rather have the baby dying instantly instead of starving to death?

Why did I call this a sci-fi movie? It's because it was set in an alternate reality, where earth was terribly polluted and torn by war. And the main character was a dead guy who came back to life when his father soaked him up in some neo-cell solutions. The cheesy clothes made me laugh but some scenes are shot beautifully, you'd forget about the clothes. I mean, an armor that looks like a Power Rangers outfit? And a bad guy with a billowing red cape and white hair to boot? Hahah..Watch this movie for the message, and some astounding scenes of atrocities of war. Oh not forgetting, a lot of crazy dying scenes.

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