Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Waah it snowed in London! More like a light snow shower. No chance of building a snowman here. Still, I was pretty excited to see the snow shower because people said it seldom snowed here. Heheh I guess if you've been living in a tropical country your whole life, you'd be excited too. Ah well, it was only for a short while. Macam hujan renyai-renyai je.Tak sempat tangkap gambar pon.. The weather's been pretty cold lately, so I guess it's just natural for it to snow.

Movie update: I watched Boogeyman and White Noise. Both are OK I think. Almost typical horror movies. Boogeyman's a bit hard to relate to, because I've never imagined a monster in my closet or under my bed. I'm pretty sure it's true for most of you too kan? The story's so-so, relying on sound effects to scare you out of your seat. [Now, if it was Qis who was watching this, I think she would scream..] Hm White Noise..go read what Nieze had to say. I'm just too lazy to type. Oh and I watched Phantom of the Opera too. Prefer the theater version to the movie. Yat & Baby would understand. Hahah..

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