Monday, February 28, 2005

What I got/learnt from Cardiff...

1. Two aching feet due to four hours of non-stop walking
2. When asking for direction, don't ask people who were still sleeping
3. An addiction to chocolate drink
4. Four books for a total of GBP1.40
5. There are 7 main stops from KL to JB, courtesy of watching '7 Perhentian'
6. When a match is going on in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff is a dead town
7. How to cook nasi lemak
8. How to survive living with housemates from hell
9. Cardiff Uni accommodation lacks proper heating system
10. Alifah's a great host!

1 comment:

aalifah said...

wah benar2 belaka sume nih.esp no 10->time kaseh,kembang hidongku.btw,bile2 ade event best kt stadium jom aa kite g ronggeng skalik ek.nnt aku rajen2 la ambik tahu.hehhe