Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Urgh. Horrible British weather. Here I thought winter was coming to an end with the sun shining brightly outside my window. But once I stepped out of the front door,'s so cold! And then there's the strong wind blowing. Try walking across the Thames with an icy cold wind blowing. It's sure an adventure on its own. If you're lucky, the wind will push you forward, but more often than not, you'll either be blown sideways or backwards. Hmm..I pity the people in Southampton. They said the winds there are more terrible.

I did another one of those tests that people always posted on friendster. This time it's about which tarot cards represents you best. Ala..the cards which people use to tell fortunes, with weird pictures on it. Not the one where you play solitaire, bluff or..aiseh forgot the game that Roggy loved to play with Jid during OBS. I could still remember their screams when playing. Hahah..Ok back to the tarot cards..which one do you think I get? I saw other people obtaining the star, sun, moon and even the fool, but I totally didn't expect to get....DEATH! Hmm makes me wonder wheter I've got some kind of twisted personality? Do you think so?

AArggh got abstract works to hand in tomorrow. Help!!

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