Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My*Boss, My*Hero

Status: Currently airing (7 out of probably 11 episodes)

Synopsis: Sakaki Makio is the 27-year-old son of a Yakuza boss. He's strong, fights really well and always lucky in gambling. However, he's extremely stupid. I say extremely because he doesn't even know how to write his own name and whether 25+5+5>27 which resulted in a huge loss to the group. His father decided to send him back to school by threatening that if he doesn't graduate from school, he'll never be the boss. So begins his life as a 17-year-old kid in a private (and a tad wacky) high school called St. Agnes.

Eye-candies: Nagase Tomoya as Sakaki Makio, Tegoshi Yuya as Sakurakoji Jun, Aragaki Yui as Umemura Hikari

Why you should watch: This drama is absolutely hilarious! Lawak cam hape je haha. If you're looking for something to cheer you up, this is it. The story's a bit outrageous and the scenes are sometimes over the top, but as long as it makes me laugh, I don't care. One scene has Makio dressed as a 'power ranger' and inhaling laughing gas to change his voice. Another has him flying across buildings just for the sake of pudding (The whole school is totally obsessed with pudding).

Aside from humour, this story does has some lessons for the viewers (like any other J-doramas). Each episode shows how Makky learns new things, rediscovers his youth etc. So it's not totally pointless.

Nagase plays his role quite well. The various outrageous facial expressions he came up with hahah... Another plus point - Nagase himself sang the ending song, Sorafune. I'm currently addicted to this song hhaha...

Oh, this drama is actually based on a Korean movie with the same title. I don't know how well this drama corresponds to the movie since I haven't watched it, but most probably only the base storyline is the same.

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