Friday, June 16, 2006


Surprised? Suddenly I have the urge to write updates. We'll see how long I can keep this up.

Well, since World Cup is going on right now, this is the obligatory post regarding the tournament.. Forgive my limited knowledge of football, but this matter seems to be stuck in my head since yesterday.

Soccer - only the Americans would call this game as soccer. They use football for a game where they don't even play with their feet? Hahah.. Somebody tell me why they are ranked 5th?[Only knew about this yesterday..] Ahead of teams like Spain, Germany, Italy and even England?

Read HERE and be amused. Go read the comments for more insights into American's view on soccer. Hahaha I have to admire their sense of patriotism[Or is it a case of being too full of themselves? Or showing their blatant ignorance of the game?]. I don't think Malaysians would be thinking like that IF we made it to the World Cup. Well, this was before they were beaten 3-0 by the Czechs.

And read HERE for a more hilarious take into watching World Cup in the US.

Random trivia - Did you know FIFA has more members than the United Nations? Kohfi Annan even wished that the UN would be more like the World Cup [from an article in NST..can't remember when..].

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