Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Home at last... No jetlag this time around. Could be because my sleeping pattern was already screwed up even before I stepped on that plane... Talking about planes, I really enjoyed flying with SIA. Their in-flight entertainment was superb. The first thing I did when I got to my seat was to grab the in-flight magazine..60+ movies? Heh I wish I had slept the night before. I think I managed to watch 5 movies? Fell asleep thru a couple of them. Ouh and SIA kept serving us food & drinks. Sandwiches, apples, TimeOut bars...Journey back was delayed a couple of hours due to a missed connection. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining right? And the silver lining this time turns out to be a breakfast voucher worth SGD8.50. Might not sound like much, but we did have a hard time trying to use it up hahah..

Among the movies I watched were

Pink Panther - Good for laughs. Think 'Senario'. That's the kind of comedy I think this movie delivers.

Summertime Machine Blues [or something like that] - Japanese flick about high school kids who found a time machine in their clubhouse. Interesting? Maybe.

Ultraviolet - Sci-fi flick about mutants i.e. humans with homophages disease, turning them into some kind of vampire. Not that interesting, but the fight scenes did keep me awake.

The Professor and His Beloved Equation - My favourite out of the 5. About a maths professor with a memory of only 80 minutes. Told from the viewpoint of his housekeeper's son. The professor fueled his love for maths. I found out lots of interesting maths facts from the movie. [haha I sound like a geek :P].

Hoodwinked - Spoof animation on Red Riding Hood. Funny. Gave a twist to the classic fairy tale we used to read as children. Red Riding Hood is a cookies delivery girl, the grandmother is an extreme sport freak, the wolf is an investigative journalist, and the woodcutter is a wannabee advertisement actor..

And I watched X-MEN The Last Stand today with my sister. So-so. Previous installments were better. I wanna see Gambit! Angel is a bit funny/weird? Urgh they made us stay 10 minutes for the credits to end, and the extra scene was like 1 minute? heh...

To my housemates, THANK YOU!! So sweet of you guys to give me early birthday presents!

Yay! Spain won 4-0!

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