Friday, June 02, 2006

Finals and Finales...

Yeay! I'm done with my exams! What a relief. Now I can go back to my daily activities i.e. watching stuff on my laptop without any guilt haha
The papers were tough..Urgh I don't even want to think about it..

Finale season is here. I think all the series I've been following had their season finales during my exams. Hish..

Amazing Race - They DID go to Japan at last! Hahah Yat and I have been wondering whether they'd go to Japan or not, and voila~ Final leg was in Japan! I'm glad the hippies managed to win this season. We were rooting for them from the start. The frat boys were annoying at times. What's up with their mission to sleep with girls? I doubt it was successful.

Medium[I doubt anyone else is watching this] - Hmm nice finale. Kind of a 'what might have been' episode. It's like an alternate universe altogether where Allison ignored her powers and me a successful lawyer. What intrigued me most in this story is, even though she followed a different path, she still ended up with Joe[her husband in the series]..Hmmm are the writers trying to say that if he/she is your soulmate, you'll find him/her no matter what?

CSI - Huh? <-- that was my expression when I finished watching the finale. Since when? Hahah it was quite a surprise. No, this has nothing to do with any of the cases they were working on. They showed the personal side of Grissom. I bet you guys would be surprised. On second thought, I should have seen it coming. It was not a secret after all about somebody's attraction to him hahah...

CSI:NY - Hummm can't remember much about the finale. Something about a schizophrenic bomber in NY? I prefer the episode where they showed what happened to Aidan. An apt ending for a character I guess.

Grey's Anatomy - One of my favourite finale. I hate it at the same time because this just made me impatient for the next season. To gamble her career and internship for her love... and for her chance at happiness to slip out of her grasp when it was so close... that was so cruel... And Meredith still can't make up her mind? Come on!

Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural & Numb3rs are still on my laptop waiting to be watched..Those would probably be in my future entries, if I can be bothered to write about them hahah..

Hmm I'm currently watching a concert. Nice touch when they played old videos of the singer and he sang along to the videos. Kinda like he was singing with himself? Haha I'm bad at description...If anyone's wondering, it's the actor who played Asou-kun haha..

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