Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend update

Hmm quite a happening weekend for last week

First up was the LSE MSS Nite thing, which was supposed to start at 7pm which actually meant 8pm Malaysian time :P . And to think we actually rushed because we thought we were late (we as in Nun, Bob, Yat, Wei Ting, Kasya and me). Baby, Aida, Drog, Mimi, Siewch, Natte' and Shasa were the first group to perform. They did very well indeed but they couldn't beat the Indian dance performed by two girls which won the first prize. They were so energetic and I wonder how they were able to keep it up for almost 10 minutes I think. Must have been a great way to exercise. There were then a few sketches and songs. Jin(Kasya said he looked like Radhi OAG) was pretty unlucky because the overhead projector failed in the middle of his presentation. Even the audience were dissappointed when we were told that the problem couldn't be rectified. It was a really fun presentation. After the nite ended, we thought of watching a movie but ended up talking/gossiping till late at nite in my room. Oh, and we played on ebay as well. Nun actually won a bid on a 100ml bottle of J'adore perfume.

The next day, Nun went out with Bob to Harrod's, just for the sake of buying Krispy Kreme donuts. Heh I think you could actually get them form Sainsbury's or Tesco. I decided to cook up some mihun soto and luckily, it turned out ok. That night, we watched Jackie Chan's 'New Police Story'. We almost didn't finished watching it because of technical difficulties. First, my laptop refused to play the dvd after about 10 minutes. Then we went to Yat's room to use her laptop. After 40 minutes, it was her laptop's turn to hang. Finally we decided to try it on Bob's laptop. Luckily it turned out ok eventhough his speaker wasn't working very well. Not like it mattered because we couldn't understand what they were saying anyway. The movie was originally in cantonese but we ended up with mandarin audio. Plus, we ended up having Malay subtitles because the menu was all in chinese. Nasib baik bukan bahase siam yang keluar. We spent the rest of the movie laughing at the subtitles and wondering whether it was correctly translated or not.

IMO, the story's great, with typical Jackie Chan's choreographed fighting scene. Although this story was more serious than the previous Police Story movies, it also had it light and funny moments. Basically it tells of Inspector Chan and his effort to catch a gang of bank robbers who loved to shot policemen, as if it was a game to them. After his whole team was destroyed during the operation to capture the thieves, Chan turned to alcohol and became severely depressed as he believed it was all his fault that his team were dead. Along came a new recruit who became his partner and encouraged him to buck up and catch the thieves for revenge. If you want to know the rest, you watch it la..

Sunday, I had to woke up early because Nun had to catch her bus at 11. Since circle/district lines were not in service, I sent her to the stop in front of Saint Paul's Cathedral to catch a bus straight to Victoria. As usual, there were lots of tourists taking pictures of the Millennium Bridge and the cathedral. Heh must take pictures there before the end of the summer term.

Spent the rest of the day watching movie again..updates in next entry..

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