Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Movie update..


Great movie. Watching Keanu Reeves as Constantine still reminds me of Neo in matrix. I read somewhere that his character is supposed to be British, but I don't think it's a british accent coming out of his mouth. The story's a bit merepek (well, they did adapt it from a comic book). Tells about John Constantine, a guy who can see demons and worked as a demon hunter to save his soul from being sent to hell. Demons are becoming more common in the world and he's worried. Then, there's Angie Dodson, a police detective who thought there was something wrong with her twin's death. She doesn't think it's suicide although everyone else thinks so. Apparently, her twin could see things as well. So, she turned to JC (malasnye nak taip name die ni,panjang sangat) for help. Together, they uncovered a sinister plot of demons trying to take over the world. Bla showdown bla exorcism bla death bla bla. Go watch la. A question to people who have watched the movie, is Gabriel supposed to be a woman or a man in that movie?


Is this supposed to be the Hollywood remake of the french movie by Luc Besson? If it is, then don't waste your time watching this. Go watch the french version instead. It's more fun. Though if you prefer watching hot chicks, this movie would be fine. It has Gisele Bundchen(supermodel and Leonardo di Caprio's girl?) playing a thief. Oh but be warned, the main actress is not a model though, it's Queen Latifa.

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