Saturday, March 12, 2005

Final weekend

Yeay! The weekend's finally here. This is the final one till Easter hols. Can't wait for the holidays to start. Hum but before that I still have another week of classes and lectures to go.

My Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell book finally arrived yesterday. I've been waiting eagerly to read this book after reading lots of good reviews about it. But, that damn thing is so heavy and big. About 800 pages, and it's a hardback copy. This means I can't be reading while lying down on the bed. Hmm well it's supposed to be bad for your eyes anyway (reading while lying down, not reading a book :P). So looks like I'm going to spend my weekend buried in this book. Oh plus enjoying the new season of Amazing Race, which I finally got after a week. This laptop kept giving me 'delayed write error' messages. Anyone knows how to rectify this? This season got Rob & Amber from Survivor. If they manage to win, they're sure going to be one rich couple. They already have $1.5 million among them. Man, how I wish I had that much money..

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