Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shopping Again :D

My order from acmamall.com finally arrived today. Hmm not bad. Took about a week since I ordered. Could've been faster. Not sure whether the difficulty in getting the order through to them was due to the internet or their system. To sum it up:

Order/Payment Process: Huge variety of products on their website plus some interesting offers. Ordering was easy, but paying was a hassle. Like I said, not sure whether it's caused by the connection or their system. But they do have a several ways to make a payment. I wanted to use my credit card, but ended up using CIMB Clicks instead.
Customer Service: Okay. Contacted them twice, and they answered the next day.
Time Taken to Delivery: 8 days. Posted from Hong Kong apparently, and using registered air mail.
Packaging: The product was not in its original box. However, it was wrapped tightly in bubblewrap and put in a box filled with styrofoam shaped like the number 3. Even had a white ribbon on top LOL.

On another note, bought a pair of coloured lenses from an online seller for a bargain - RM45 instead of I think RM80 as sold in Ampang Park. Supposed to be one of the long-lasting Korean ones - can last up to a year. Plus, it's supposed to make your eyes appear larger. Instead, I think they made my eyes look manga-ish since my pupils became so huge LOL. Haven't worn coloured lenses in a while and I forgot how drying they can be. Also, I felt like I had smudges at the corner of my vision especially in the first few minutes of wearing. I think the coloured portion of the lens intruded on my field of vision. It was annoying at times. On the other hand, the large size and the more "plasticky" material meant that I could take it out easily compared to my normal lenses. I have a feeling I'm going to fork out some money to buy my usual brand of lenses -___-

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