Monday, May 03, 2010

Eat, Watch and Spend~

Well, been meaning to write this entry last weekend but got sidetracked into other things.

Eat: Dinner at Santini KLCC on Thursday with Yat. Been wanting to try it out since I read a food review. It's a bit "out of the way" i.e. not in our usual paths when shopping in KLCC because it's located outside KLCC. With a view of the fountain and KL skyline at dusk, it was actually quite nice. Even had a view of the office building :P However, since it's outside, the atmosphere was a bit noisy and made conversation difficult (or it could just be me with my hearing troubles :P). Portion-wise, it's a tad smaller than Delicious. Price is about the same. I had the Capellini Salmone - smoked salmon with capellini (kind of like angel hair spaghetti) and zucchini. The sauce was really creamy gosh the calories!. Thank goodness I was actually hungry at that time. If not, it'd be such a waste. I think Yat had fettuccine with chicken and mushroom in creamy tomato sauce. Service was actually faster than Delicious, except when asking for the bill. They took ages to process my payment... Currently, CIMB/Direct Access cardholders are getting 10% off on food. Not sure when the promotion is ending though.

Watch: Iron Man2, or in Syafiq's wordy status - Ferus Homo Sapiens :P I love the witty dialogue and Robert Downey, Jr. pulled off the arrogant Tony Stark quite well. And Scarlett Johanssen was awesome as his PA/secret agent. Oh I didn't know that the director was actually the bumbling driver haha. But I was a bit disappointed with the actual showdown between Iron Man, his side kick and the villain. Too short and anti-climatic. The Easter Egg i.e. extra bits of trailer at the end after the credits were interesting. Definitely made me curious about the movie Avengers.

Spend: Metrojaya's warehouse sale in Shah Alam - large selection of bedsheets but limited selection of ladies' apparel, perfumes and makeups. I was hoping to bag some East India's skirts/kebaya tops like Nun's, but alas, not my luck. Only managed to get a compact powder and some tops. Plus a soft laptop cover in turqoise. All in all, a disappointment.

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