Monday, April 14, 2008


Some pictures of Scotland.

Our first stop, Edinburgh -- Edinburgh Castle during the day.

Next, Stirling Castle, at dusk. I like the pictures because of the colours. The castle itself is nothing special.

One of the many stops during our drive to Inverness. We were actually cursing the engineers/planners of the road because all the stops before this had no clear view of the beautiful scenery LOL

Look, hairy cows! Highland cows, to be exact :D

The ruins of Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness. Shame the monster didn't come out :D

Another stop, this time on the way back from Inverness, on a different road. I think there's supposed to be Ben Navis in the picture - the tallest mountain in the UK.

I really like this picture!

A view from Aonach Mor. We took a mountain gondola up there. Lots of kids going up to ski and snowboard.

A waterfall beside the highway. One family even climbed down to play in the water LOL

We were lucky to have 2 DSLR cameras with us during the trip, Nikon D40 and Canon (which I don't remember the model). Those two are the main reason the pictures turn out great :D

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