Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh, March has ended. So Alifah, how did I fare with the emo entries challenge? :P

Finally back in London. Guh I think my travelling bug is somehow still there. I'm itching to travel somewhere else. I don't know, maybe it's the daunting prospect of sitting alone in my room for the next 3-4 weeks? I don't have the mood to hit the books, even though I really should. I have no idea what I've been learning for the past two semesters D:

First, Scotland. Beautiful. Truly beautiful. I think I'd like to go to the Highlands again, if I have the chance. The natural scenery there was so breath-taking. The pictures we took turned up great because we had two amateur photographers with us. I really enjoyed the trip. My travelmates even had their own favourite theme for taking photos:

Arfah - jumping pictures (a couple turned up really great, bug her if you guys want to see)
Azrin - pictures of her taking pictures at almost every place we stopped!
Izi - Emo pics, suitable for those Salam Perantau sections haha

Me? Of course I had none LOL. I'm just happy and too lazy to move to just stand there and smile hahaha.

We were relatively lucky, because we had sunny days when we actually went sightseeing/cruising. It did rain though, but it only affected our tour of Glasgow.

Then, Prague. Another beautiful city. Actually, if I were to list down the top 3 beautiful places I recommend people to visit, they would be:

1. Salzburg
2. Prague
3. Scottish Highlands

Prague is a small town, but full of historic buildings. I guess that's the plus side of not being bombed during the two World Wars.

Berlin on the other hand, did not have that luxury. Most of their buildings were bombed during WWII. So most buildings are relatively new, except for a few. If you're going there, I recommend going for the free walking tour. It was really informative.

The weather in Prague and Berlin was really wacky. It alternated between sun, snow and rain in Prague, while it hailed in Berlin. Such a shock to us both (Ufah & I) because we thought it was normal rain when in fact, it was hail the size of marbles LOL.

Enough about my vacation. I don't think I'll be posting up pictures here unless people really want to see which I don't think so. To those who know me, you know I rarely watch Malay movies/dramas except for ghost stories, right? Well, finally I did watch a Malay drama hahaha. In fact, I watched 7 episodes back to back while in Azrin's room. Unsurprisingly, the title of the series is Ghost LOL. Hey, what did you expect? I won't start watching Sindarela or Spa Q or whatever series that people are watching nowadays. The story is interesting (not that original, the idea has been seen before) but it's done with a Malaysian flavour. In fact, I love the fact that the actors switched between BM/BI so naturally throughout the drama. It's something that I can relate to. Also, like Arfah said, all the dialogues were 'selamba' LOL. The style leans toward Japanese dramas, with only 10 episodes; the earlier episodes were funny and it got darker and more serious as it progressed. Actually, I can't wait to watch the finale next week LOL.

Heh I should stop here. I think this is the first time in a long while since I wrote quite a long entry.

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