Saturday, February 23, 2008

Iryu: Team Medical Dragon

Status: Seasons 1-2, both 11 episodes each, complete & subbed

Synopsis: This is a medical drama about a genius surgeon in cardiology, Asada Ryutaro and his quest to complete a team for performing outstanding surgeries. The first season revolves around Asada's return to Meishin Hospital and creating Team Dragon to perform a Batista surgery. The second season saw Asada being transferred to another hospital and his team broken up. He needed to create a new team almost from scratch, with the final goal being a heart transplant surgery. This drama is adapted from the manga, Team Medical Dragon which I believe is currently translated into Malay as well? Both dramas enjoyed high ratings and a few awards.

Sakaguchi Kenji as Asada Ryutaro (not the usual 'pretty boy' type, if you know what I mean), Koike Teppei as his assistant, Ijyuuin Noboru, and Uchida Yuki as Kataoka Kazumi. Kanata Hongo and Yamamoto Yusuke also appeared as guests in Season 2.

Why you should watch: Here I'm primarily talking about Season 2. I've watched Season 1 a long time ago and can't recall that much haha. The story is brilliantly engaging, and the surgeries performed in this series were so dramatic, I guess to emphasize on the genius ability of Asada and his team. Among the surgeries done was one on an elderly patient during a total blackout where the surgeon had to perform under flashlights and the medical technician had to pump the heart and lung machine manually. Another one was on a patient with a very rare blood disease and there wasn't enough blood for transfusion. This time around, there were even diagrams and explanation for the surgeries, making it easier for people with non-medical background like me to understand the action.

Each new character was also pretty well-developed, getting enough background story to explain their characteristics and reluctance to join the team. Even Noguchi the antagonist's background was explained and he was made to appear as a human who buried his conscience a long time ago in his quest to rise to the top. 

To sum it up, I like this drama because of the story and the casts. If you have a liking for medical dramas, then this certainly should be on your to-watch list.

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