Saturday, February 02, 2008

I just realized 2008 is a leap year...

So I'm a month late, but still, happy new year, everyone! This picture was our failed attempt (touched up by PS CS2 :P) during New Year. One of the best New Year I've ever had. Hmm I don't think people still visit this blog? Or do they? I've kinda lost the motivation to post here, mainly concentrating on lj. Even that is also sporadic haha.

Oh well, so what have I been up to for the past few months? Sat for exams, graduated, came back as a student again, stuck without net for 2 months... basically that's about it. Pretty much nothing interesting I guess. I didn't even go anywhere for the winter holidays, holing up at home, with my laptop and the internet as company. Pathetic ain't it? Shows how much of a mouse potato I am haha. Don't worry though, I have my Easter break planned out, plus a lot of extra time to spare as well.

I watched 2 interesting movies recently. One is Sweeney Todd, and the other is Juno. First up, Sweeney Todd. I love this movie to bits. Tim Burton managed to capture the greyness and grime that is London. Johnny Depp is wonderful as Sweeney Todd. I was surprised that he could sing quite well. Helena Bonham Carter was good too. One thing that had me laughing was not a scene from the movie though. It's the fact that Snape and Wormtail was in the movie, and they sang ahaha.

Now, Juno. This movie has some of the wittiest lines ever. Seriously. I haven't had such fun watching a teen movie. Even the soundtrack fits the movie so well. So quirky! The opening song keeps playing in my head. Juno actually manage to treat a heavy topic like teenage pregnancy and adoption lightly (not lightly lightly, but lightly funny? Ah, whatever...)

Darn, I think I haven't been writing for so long that I lost my skills at writing a decent entry. Not that I had that much to begin with...

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