Friday, November 17, 2006


Got tagged on LJ, but since I haven't updated here in quite a while, I'll post this up here too.

1. Think of 15 short statements of interesting stuff about yourself. And they have to be true.
2. Come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun's sake keep them in the threshold of believability.
3. Jumble them all up together and list them in any order.
4. Post them and let people guess which the five false ones are!
5. Get 5 others to do the same.


1. I used to play gamelan
2. I enjoy watching Survivor
3. I adore Akanishi Jin
4. I love sour tasting ice cream
5. I've never been to Thailand
6. Pink is my favourite colour
7. Green is definitely not my favourite colour
8. I try to be punctual most of the time
9. CSI is on my must-watch tv series list
10. I don't like curry
11. People laugh when I tell them what my name means
12. Maybe I sleep too much
13. I don't drink coffee
14. I know some Japanese & French
15. I listen to music when I work
16. I know how to bake cookies
17. I like horror movies
18. I think Terry Pratchett is awesome
19. Addicted to chocolate
20. I used to be good in art

OK, time to guess!

I'm tagging my housemates, Arfah, Alifah, Yatie & anyone else who wants to do this...


Anyone here watches Dexter? Strange & a bit disturbing...

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