Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

mm watched Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 just now. What a way to celebrate raya :p . The story's a bit confusing. Have to concentrate when watching to get what's actually happening. Funny bits here and there. Especially liked the scene with Aznil haha..

Finished reading Ring by Koji Suzuki a couple of days ago. Not bad. The phrases are a bit .. I dunno how to say this.. plain? The beginning's a bit slow, but the pace picked up after the main character watched the video. I'd say the movie creeps me out more. Still haven't finished watching the tv drama version. But from what I've seen, the drama stays a bit more true to the book [as in the main character is a male reporter named Asakawa]. I've only watched 2 episodes, so the comments have to be reserved until I finish watching the rest of the drama. Planning to read the sequel to the book - Spiral, soon.

Maybe I'll update on my winter vacation in Italy when I have the time and the will to write the entry. Tried uploading the pics to my fotopages, but the upload speed was terribly slow. So I abandoned the idea.

Anyway, a happy new year to all~

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raudah said...

hi there layen,how lucky am i to bump into this cute blog.anyway i'm writing here not to respond to ur article coz frankly i can't understand a thing u are talking about(i don't watch all those pelik malay films,huhu)..eieiie just wanna drop by to check out on my looooong-lost friend (is that statement valid?? bukan hr tuh baru main boling kt midvalley ke??)nway do keep in touch..i'm kinda really really interested to keep track with ur latest changes.heheh..(nama ko dah tersebar ke seluruh mesir)
take care.with looooove (is this really me??)