Friday, January 27, 2006

Goong [Palace]

Status: 16-20? episodes, still airing..latest episode is no.6

Synopsis: How would you feel when you overhear a guy's marriage proposal being turned down, and then finding out that that's your future husband? You'd probably freak out.. That's what happened to Chaegyung. She overheard Shin, the crown prince of Korea, proposing to Hyorin, his secret girlfriend. A few days later, she was told that due a promise between her grandfather and the old king of Korea, she has to marry the crown prince. Initially reluctant, both of them agreed to the proposal with different motivations. Life as a 'Cinderella' begins for Chaegyung, but can she have the same happy ending?

Eye-candies: YUL! haha :P Shin, Hyorin

Why you should watch this: Totally different from 1Litre, this drama is light hearted and fun to watch. Sometimes it reminds me of Hana Yori Dango because the heroine is a feisty, middle-class girl thrown in to mix with the upper-class of society. CG's actions are so fun to watch [sometimes bordering on stupidity - 'could you believe that girl is the crown princess' acts]. Throw in some conspiracy from the family of the ex-future king[he died in an accident-so his wife and son lost lots of things] to gain their rights, you get a mix of comedy, romance and intrigue. Plus, you get to see them wearing Korean traditional costumes most of the time [the headpieces looks uncomfortable..] and learn a bit about the royal traditions. Since Korea is now a republic, I'm not sure how accurate this would be, but I guess the writer would have researched this before writing the manhwa. [yep..this drama is again an adaptation. This time from a famous Korean manhwa with the same title]

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